Top Ten Toy Breeds of Dogs

One thing that's nice about toy breeds is that they look like puppies for the duration
of their lives.

Their small size also makes them ideally suited for apartment life or for
someone who wants a canine companion or playful dog for their kids.

Indeed, the following toy breeds are well-suited to the aforementioned roles and
therefore are considered to be in the top ten listing of this classification of dogs.

Number One: The Chihuahua - Upstanding ears, pointed, delicate features and a coat which lies flat, thick, and lustrous, the Chihuahua is a low-maintenance dog that is known to live a long time. Therefore, the dog is perfect for anyone who lives in a small space or wants a dog that is as is an easy-care and affectionate pet.

Number Two: The Mexican Hairless - Similar in looks to the Chihuahua, except without the hair, the Mexican Hairless is an unusual little dog, what with its lack of fur and display of fuzz on top of its head. While the dog may garner a lot of attention when you walk him, he is well-suited to life indoors and is an amiable companion as long as you keep him out of any direct sunlight.

Number Three: The Pug - Showing a broad, flat wrinkled muzzle and large, soulful eyes, the pub is an alert and intelligent little dog. The dog, which can be colored apricot-fawn, black, or silver, is a kid-friendly canine and a loyal companion for anyone who lives alone.

Number Four: The Papillon - Originating from the spaniel family, the Papillon is considered to be a miniature version of medium or large-sized spaniels. The puppy-sized dog comes in two or three colors on a body that is predominantly white. The name Papillon is French for the word, butterfly and refers to the dog's butterfly appearance or the fringed, longish hair on its butterfly-shaped ears.

Number Five: The Pomeranian - The Pomeranian, which originates from the Spitz family, is an unusually bright and alert canine companion. A popular member of the toy set of dogs, the Pomeranian possesses a fluffy and soft undercoat and silky and long overcoat. The dog comes in a variety of colors, including cream, orange, red, sable, brown, black, white or parti colors.

Number Six: The Yorkshire Terrier - Wearing a long, silky coat, which almost touches the ground, the Yorkshire Terrier, also referred to as the Yorkie, was developed in the 1800s in Yorkshire county in England. At that time, the dog was bred for catching rats in the clothing factories. A consummate lightweight, the Yorkie weighs from three to seven pounds (1.4 kg. to 3.2 kg.) and exhibits tan and blue colored hair.

Number Seven: The Maltese - Playful and animated, the Maltese is a hardy little dog with white, silky hair. Originating in Malta, in southern Europe, the diminutive dog is listed as the 20th most popular dog breed that is AKC registered. His endearing nature and cute appearance make him a favorite among children and seniors alike.

Number Eight: The Miniature Toy Poodle - Highly strung if not regularly walked or exercised, the Miniature Toy Poodle comes in a variety of solid colors, including gray, cream, blue, silver, black, white, brown, or apricot. An intelligent dog - in fact one of the smartest dogs you can own - the Miniature Toy Poodle is a good family pet as it likes the camaraderie of others as well as a good deal of activity.

Number Nine: The Brussels Griffon - Showing a medium-length coat that is wiry and rough, the Brussels Griffon can be colored reddish brown, belge (reddish brown and black), red, tan, black, or tan and black. The affable dog, which is similar in appearance to the Affenpinscher (the 10th dog on the list), originated in Belgium and was developed from the Affinpinscher and Belgian Street Dog.

Number Ten: The Affinpinscher - A wiry-haired dog, the Affinpinscher is of German in origin and looks like a terrier. Its intelligence and friendly disposition make it a good house pet. Although the dog is typically colored black, you can also find Affpinschers in silver, red, gray, or tan.