Top Ten Most Unusual Dog Breeds

While all dogs have qualities that make them special and unique, some dogs exhibit
traits that are downright memorable.

The following dog breeds fit into this category.

Number One: The Xoloitzcuintli - The Xoloitzcuintli (enunciated Show low eets
quint lee), also known as the Mexican Hairless, was revered by the Ancient Aztecs.

The hairless dog, which looks a little like a Chihuahua, has bat-like ears and a long

Number Two: The Chinese Crested - Like the Mexican Hairless, the Chinese Crested is also a hairless dog. However, he does display hair on his head, tail, and paws, which, no doubt, creates a one-of-a-kind look. Sunscreen is prescribed as well if you own this dog breed.

Number Three: The Lowchen - Known as the Little Lion, the Lowchen is a fluffly dog that is considered to be the rarest breed and most pricey dog in the world. The hard-to-find dog is a friendly pet that's a pleasure to own, provided, of course, you can pay the cost for adopting the canine.

Number Four: The Lagotto Romagnolo - The Lagotto Romagnolo does not look unique when compared to other dogs. However, the dog does have the noted distinction of being the first dog with the ability to search and find truffles. Usually, pigs look for the expensive delicacies. The Lagotto Romagnolo evidently has this skill too.

Number Five: The Bedlington Terrier - The Bedlington Terrier looks just like a lamb, displaying a head that is pear-shaped and triangle ears. The fur on the dog looks like lamb's wool, with shorter hair displayed on the dog's torso and longer hair found on the legs and head. The longer hair was useful at one time as the Bedlington once was used to hunt vermin. Without the long hair on the head and legs, he could have been bitten or hurt. Also unusual is the fact that the lamb lookalike once was bred to fight.

Number Six: The Puli - This shaggy dog looks like a mop with its corded hair. As you can imagine, grooming is an intricate process as the dread locks have to be separated to prevent matting. While it may look like those heavy locks would weigh the dog down, the canine is actually quite light on his feet.

Number Seven: The Bergamasco - The Bergamasco also conveys an unusual look as his hair looks already matted but in a neatly patterned design. When the dog is a pup, his hair is actually smooth and short. However, as time progresses, the atypical matting occurs.

Number Eight: The Neopolitan Mastiff - Showing a good amount of facial folds and wrinkling, the Neopolitan Mastiff requires extra attention and care. Owners must clean the skin folds to prevent infection. Because of its unusual appearance, the breed was selected to play Fang, or Hagrid's dog, in the Harry Potter movies.

Number Nine: The Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog - This breed of dog, which originated in Ancient Peru, is extremely rare. The pinkish-skinned canine is bred in both coated and hairless varieties. Looking rather like a deer in appearance, the dog is a fragile canine and prefers to live indoors as it does not fare well in extreme climates or temperatures.

Number Ten: The Coton De Tulear - This breed lives up to its name, displaying a cottony looking coat. The rare dog, which originated in Madagascar in the early 1900s, is an ideal pet for city dwellers and seniors as it does not require a lot of exercise.