The Top Ten Most Dangerous Dogs to Own

A Dog Good at Guarding may also Cause You to Have to Guard Your
Pocketbook Too

Some dogs show unprecedented skills when it comes to protecting their owner and
property. However, if you own this type of animal, you also have to consider that you
may be faced some day with a liability issue as well.

That's because close to 50 percent of people who get bit by dogs have to seek
emergency room care.

So, if you are the owner of a breed that is considered dangerous, you may want to consider buying extra liability insurance to cover any dog bite incidents. Dogs that are fearless, protective, and loyal exhibit the common traits that can lead to injuries and bites. While they may show little aggression to their owner, they very often regard intruders quite differently.

The Dogs that Make the List

According to research statistics, the following dogs are considered more likely to bite or cause injury.

Number One: The Pit Bull Terrier
Topping the dangerous dog list is the pit bull terrier who is both fearless and aggressive when challenged by an opponent. Its strong jaws and resolute stance make this dog a dangerous adversary for anyone who tries to cross him or trespass.

Number Two: The German Shepherd
While the German Shepherd can be a friendly animal who works hard and is devoted to his owner and family, he is also well-suited to guard duty and police work too. Therefore, he is not likely to back away from anyone whom he considers a menace or a potential threat.

Number Three: The Rottweiler
Weighing as much as 130 pounds, the German Rottweiler is not a dog you want to make mad. Used often for guard dog work, the canine has a strong proprietary instinct and will aggressively defend those he loves as well as his property.

Number Four: The Presa Canario
Considered a fighting dog, the Presa Canario is a well-known attack and guard dog too. The canine, which can weigh as much as 115 pounds, not only is exceptionally strong and powerful, he is fearless as well - not an animal you want to meet if you make the mistake of setting foot upon his turf or run into him in a dark alley.

Number Five: The Alaskan Malamute
The Alaskan Malamute is an energetic and lively dog who can go the distance in sled-dog activities as well as when protecting his property. Weighing from 75 to 100 pounds, the Malamute can be fierce contender against any person or animal (even a bear) that he considers a threat.

Number Six: The Siberian Husky
While the Husky is not considered the best guard dog in the world, he is still included on the list of the most dangerous dogs as statistics show a number of dog bite incidents are attributed to the breed. Therefore, the energetic and intelligent canine should be taught not to nip and bite when it is still a pup.

Number Seven: The Chow Chow
Because of his intense loyalty, the Chow Chow is also included on the most dangerous dog list as well. Chow Chows typically are devoted to their owners. So, they are put on the defensive when they feel their owner or property is at risk.

Number Eight: The Doberman Pinscher
Of course, no dangerous dog list would be complete if you didn't include the Doberman Pinscher. This alert and intelligent dog is considered to be an exemplary guard dog. However, the Doberman will not attack unless his owner is in danger or he is provoked.

Number Nine: The Boxer
While the Boxer is not generally an aggressive dog, it can be hard to train him not to nip and bite when he is still young. That's because he can become quite self-willed at times. However, you must be patient and make sure that he understands that you don't approve of that kind of behavior if you want him to be well-behaved when he is full-grown.

Number Ten: The Akita
The popular Japanese dog has also been responsible for dog bites and injuries. Therefore, again, it's important to put a leash, so to speak, on his tendency to nip and bite when he is still a puppy.