Top Ten Dogs for Men

Dogs for Men are Either Friendly and Energetic or Aggressive and Loyal

What dog breeds are the best for guys? Well, that depends on the guy.

While some men prefer guard-dog type canines, others like to have their best friend
to be just that - friendly and loyal.

The following top ten list includes the dogs that are most often selected by men.

Number One: The Bullmastiff - The top dog for a man is the Bullmastiff, well-suited to family life as well as guarding activities. Men like the dog as it is as protective and tenacious as it is friendly and loyal.

Number Two: The German Shepherd - Not only is the German Shepherd a hard-working dog, it also is a friendly and protective pet. Used in police and security work, the powerful canine is a fearless guard and devoted companion. One of the most intelligent dogs, it quickly catches on to its master's commands.

Number Three: The Rottweiler - Intimidating and strong, the Rottweiler is a dog that enjoys the outdoors and indoors equally. The dog does not socialize well with other dogs and therefore is happiest when he does not share his turf with another pet.

Number Four: The Doberman Pinscher - A loyal dog, the Doberman will guard his master and family against any impending threat. Men who live in small spaces, such as apartments, often choose Miniature Pinschers - a smaller version of the Doberman.

Number Five: The Collie - Not as rugged as other canines, the Collie is a better match for the man who is more introspective than assertive - a good dog to own if you need a canine that is loyal and supportive.

Number Six: The Beagle - For any man who enjoys the Great Outdoors or likes to hunt, the Beagle is a perfect choice. Plus, the dog likes nothing better than to spend time on the couch, especially after a long day of activities.

Number Seven: The Labrador Retriever - The Labrador Retriever is the ideal canine companion for the family man as the dog likes children too. The Retriever, which behaves like a pup well into old age, is the dog to choose if you are someone who enjoys various sports and recreational activities.

Number Eight: The Irish Setter - The Irish Setter is a beautiful and friendly animal that also makes a good family pet. He likes nothing better than spending time in the park, walking and running and catching Frisbees, Therefore, he is a good selection for a younger man with a family.

Number Nine: The Bulldog - The Marine Corps mascot, the Bulldog, is a great companion for any guy who is less active. Tough-looking yet lovable, the Bulldog is one companion the kids will adore and love too.

Number Ten: The Alaskan Husky - You can't compile a list of top ten dogs for men without including the Alaskan Husky. The sled dog exudes majesty and strength and is an excellent dog to own if you enjoy such winter activities as ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and sledding.