Top Ten Dog Breeds for Women

Women choose dogs basically for their ability to defend and their degree of affection.

So, whether you are single or married, the following dogs are considered to be reliable
pets for women to adopt or own.

Number One: The German Shepherd
This dog is well-suited to women dog owners as the canine is not only intelligent
and easy to train, he is also an exemplary guard dog as well. A German Shepherd
is a fearless companion and will ensure that nothing stands in the way when it
comes to protecting you. However, these dogs require a daily walk or exercise.

So, the dog is also a better match for a woman who regularly walks or runs as well. Any woman who lives alone will appreciate the protection and companionship offered by this animal.

Number Two: The Doberman Pinscher
This dog is a very good protector for a woman as he usually demonstrates his loyalty to solely one person. The dog is wary of strangers and therefore protective of his owner, which makes him a possessive yet affectionate pet.

Number Three: The Pit Bull Terrier
Although this breed of dog is often chosen by men, he is also a suitable companion for a woman too. While it can't be disputed that this dog is very good at protecting his owner and property, he is also an affectionate canine that is valued for is loyalty as well.

Numbers Four and Five: The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever
Both these dogs are very good choices for women who have children as they are active and friendly and love the attention of kids. If you have an active family life then, you'll want to take either of these kinds of dogs with you on hiking trips or to the local park. Of the two dogs, the Golden Retriever requires more grooming because of its thick, heavy coat.

Number Six: The Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier is another good dog to own, whether you live alone or have children. The affectionate pooch adores kids and is quite affectionate.

Number Seven: The Greyhound
While the Greyhound can be quite the sprinter out on the racetrack, he actually is quite lazy when he is adopted as a pet. So, whether you live in a house or apartment, the dog will only require a daily walk. Otherwise, he'll be content relaxing at your side.

Number Eight: The Schnauzer
Another dog breed that fits all the criteria that make it a good match for a female dog owner - protective and affectionate. Plus, the dog does not require a lot of maintenance or brushing either.

Number Nine: The Maltese
This dog is a good pick for any woman who is older - very affectionate and a good lap pet for a senior who wants companionship.

Number Ten: The Shih Tzu
Friendly and affable, the Shih Tzu is also a good choice for females who are older who live alone or want a companionable pet.