Top Ten Dog Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

If you are someone who has a tendency to suffer from allergies but also love dogs,
then take heart.

You can still own a dog whose coat will not leave behind the dander and hair that
can cause you to sneeze, your nose to run, or eyes to tear.

The following dogs are the top choices for anyone who is allergic to dog hair.

Number One: The Chinese Crested
One of the top dogs to own in this regard, and number one on the list of hypoallergenic canines, is the Chines Crested. That's because this pooch is basically hairless. Hair only appears around his paws, along his tail, and on his head. In fact, he tends to look like a dog that went to a fanatical groomer who overstepped his bounds when cutting the dog's hair. Ironically, because he lacks hair, the dog is much more likely than other dogs to suffer from allergies himself. Besides skin irritations, the dog easily suffers from sunburn. Obviously, you don't want to own this pet if you live in a warm and sunny locale.

Numbers Two and Three: The Portuguese Water Dog and the Irish Water Spaniel
The Portuguese Water Dog (the type U.S. President Obama owns) and the Irish Water Spaniel are both exemplary pets to adopt if you have a problem with allergic sniffles. Although both dogs need plenty of exercise (therefore, they are not suitable for couch potatoes), they will not cause you to have to buy extra in the way of allergy medicine or tissues. Both dogs exhibit thick, curly coats that resist the tendency to shed.

Number Four: The Schnauzer
Of German origin, you can choose a Schnauzer in one of three sizes, the range in weight spanning from around 10 to 35 pounds. So, whether you have a small or larger Schnauzer dog, you'll find that you can breathe easier when you choose this breed as a pet.

Number Five: The Dachshund
Another hypoallergenic dog from Germany is the Dachshund. Not only do its short legs and long body make the little dog distinctive, it is also noted for its tendency not to shed. Dachshunds can exhibit one of three kinds of coats - short-haired, wire-haired, and long-haired. Dachshunds then with short-hair or wire-haired coats are well-suited for anyone allergic to dogs.

Number Six: The Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier also deserves repute as a dog that does not give dog owners any cause to sniffle and sneeze. An affable, pleasant companion, the dog does not carry much of a doggy scent either.

Number Seven: The Wheaten Terrier
With its long, silky coat, you'd think you'd have cause to worry about a possible allergic reaction when you look at the Wheaten Terrier. However, the Wheaten, which comes from Ireland, possesses only a single coat, which causes it to shed substantially less than other long-haired dogs. The long hair must be regularly groomed in order to prevent matting.

Number Eight: The Yorkshire Terrier
Another silky, long-haired terrier without an undercoat is the Yorkshire Terrier. Like the Wheaten, the small, energetic Yorkie does not shed too much. However, the dog's hair can grow rather long. So, you'll need to keep the little canine consistently trimmed to keep any amount of dander to a minimum.

Numbers Nine: The Havanese, Maltese, and Bichon Frise
The Havanese, Maltese, and Bichon Frise tie for the ninth spot of hypoallergenic dogs as they all look similar. Both the Havanese and Maltese have longer coats than the Bichon Frise, whose white coat is fluffy and curly. The canine trio require regular, daily grooming to keep their coats tangle-and-mat-free.

Number Ten: The Poodle
Whether it is tea-cup, miniature, medium, or standard in size, the Poodle is a good choice for allergy sufferers too. Its single coat makes the canine resistant to shedding. Regular grooming too will keep dander to a minimum.