Top Ten Cutest Puppies

Some Pups are Used in Commercial Advertising or in Photographs more
than Other Dogs

All puppies are cute. However, some dog breeds seem to edge out their competition
when it comes to puppy cuteness. In fact, some puppy breeds are used more in
commercial advertising than other kinds of dogs because of their overall viewer
appeal. Dogs that cause people to elicit such exclamations as Adorable! Precious!
and Darling! are listed in the top 10 list below.

Number One: The Labrador - The Labrador Retriever is often used in commercial ads for dog foods as well as ads for products such as laundry detergent or bathroom tissue. The Labrador puppy's large paws and melt-your-heart features make the dog one of the cutest canines on earth. However, don't let him get away with any mischief, which is easy to do with such a cute pooch.

Number Two: The Pug - With those big brown eyes, you can't help but rank a pug as one cute puppy. Bred by the ancient Chinese as a lapdog, the pug now enjoys acclaim as a frequently photographed pup on the Internet. Just look at the pins on the Pinterest site and you'll soon discover that the Pug is indeed one popular pet.

Number Three: The Shar Pei Puppy - All those squishy wrinkles can't help but draw you to the Shar Pei. It's hard to believe that such an adorable and crinkly canine was once used for dog fighting activities. The dog simply does not look like a fierce contender. The pup is equally cute when it is full-grown as well.

Number Four: The French Bull Dog Puppy - With its big head and round puppy-dog eyes, you can't help but say Awwww! when you're around this roly-poly canine. Owners just have to make sure that the well-loved dog sleeps out of their range of hearing as it can snore quite loudly when it finally becomes an adult.

Number Five: The Bernese Mountain Dog - The Bernese Mountain puppy is similar in appearance to a teddy bear, all which makes him a favorite among both children and adults.

Number Six: The Yorkshire Terrier - One pup that never loses its puppy cuteness and appeal is the Yorkshire Terrier. The small puff-ball is one baby-sized dog that exudes puppy charm well into its golden years.

Number Seven: The Welsh Corgi - It's easy to see why Queen Elizabeth fancies the Corgi. The pups, what with their short, stocky legs and big brown eyes, are the essence of cuteness and puppy liveliness.

Number Eight: The Miniature Schnauzer - Exhibiting a scruff beard, the Miniature Schnauzer is one puppy that is as distinctive as it is adorable.

Number Nine: The Bloodhound - With those floppy ears and soulful eyes, you can't but help but be drawn to the antics of a Bloodhound puppy.

Number Ten: The Irish Setter - This little puppy loves children and makes a good pet for any family. His beautiful reddish coat also makes this pretty pup a scene-stealer when you watch him at play.