Top Names for Dogs
Choosing a Name for Your Pet

A Dog Name Often References a Pet's Personality

For some people, choosing a name for their pet comes quite easily once they
become acquainted with their puppy.

Therefore, many dog names are attributed to a pet's personality, appearance, or
temperament. Other owners may research their dog's breed history, much like
what people do when they name a racehorse. For most of us though, a name can
quickly emerge in our mind once we meet a puppy that we want to make a part of
our family.

Some Tips for Choosing a Name
However, if you are someone who does not want to make a snap decision in this regard, then you can always find that perfect name by doing a bit of research online. Usually, it's best to choose a shorter name for a dog (or one that contains only one or two syllables) - one that he will quickly understand.

Also, make sure that the name does not sound too much like an obedience command, such as stay or sit, as doing so may make training for your dog somewhat confusing. In addition, it's usually not advisable to pick out a name that is like or similar to a name of a member in your family or a close friend. Make sure that your dog's name is different and distinct.

Pick a Name and Use only That Name for your Pet
In addition, don't give your dog more than one name, or an additional nickname. Once you choose that ideal handle, use that name and that name only. Now that you know some of the basic rules for naming your dog, you can consider an appropriate moniker.

Top Ten Choices for Boy and Girl Dogs
According to researchers, people really like to name boy dogs Max, which is the first pick in top ten lists for boy dog names and for dog names overall. Rounding out the top ten listing for all dog names are the names, Maggie, Buddy, Bailey, Molly, Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Rocky, and Jake.

Other Favorite Dog Names
Besides the aforementioned names, other boy and dog names that make up individual listings by gender include such favorites as:

-- Harley (for boys), Missy (for girls)
-- Rusty (for boys), Sadie (for girls)
-- Riley (for boys), Ginger (for girls)
-- Cody (for boys), Chloe (for girls)
-- Charlie (for boys), Sophie (for girls)
-- Bear (for boys), Zoe (for girls)
-- Jack (for boys), Princess (for girls)
-- Toby (for boys), Angel (for girls)
-- Lucky (for boys), Lady (for girls)
-- Sam (for boys), Sasha (for girls)

Breed Specific Names
Or, sometimes people select popular names for a specific dog breed. For example, popular Beagle names include Snoopy, Baxter, Charlie or Robbie while Irish Setters may go by such Irish favorites as Cara (friend), Anlan (great hound), or Brady (spirited).

Popular names for Rottweillers include Tank, Buster, Butch, or Stryker while German Shepherd favorites include such names as Hilger, Zack, Freda, or Franz. Maltese owners often like the names Toby, Cassie, or Velvet while Pomeranian owners prefer Fluffy, Pompom, or Isabella.