Dogs that Don't Shed - What Breeds are Considered Hypoallergenic

Dogs with a Single Coat Generally Shed Less than Dogs with Two Coats

Technically, all dogs shed; however, some dogs shed far more profusely than others.
If you suffer from allergies though, there are some breeds that tend to shed less fur
and dander and therefore are better choices if you don't want a runny nose and

Dogs that are considered non-shedding or hypoallergenic generally possess
one coat instead of two. Therefore, some dogs with longer hair and a single coat
shed far less than breeds with shorter hair that possess a top coat and undercoat.

Brush you Dog Regularly if He Sheds more than Average
If you happen to find a dog that captures your heart and does shed though, make it a habit to regularly brush him. Doing so will cut down on most of your allergy complaints. The following lists categorize non-shedding dogs by their size.

Small Hypoallergenic or Non-shedding Dogs
Small dogs that don't shed or whose hair is less likely to end up in your upholstery and carpet comprise the following canines:

-- The Shih Tzu
-- The Maltese
-- The Miniature Schnauzer
-- The Miniature Poodle
-- The Bichon Frise
-- The Yorkshire Terrier
-- The West Highland White Terrier
-- The Norfolk Terrier
-- The Havanese
-- The Cairn Terrier
-- The Chinese Crested
-- The Boston Terrier

As you can see, many of the small terrier breeds do not shed a great deal. So, if you are looking for a puppy to adopt, you'll be fairly safe if you direct your attention toward looking at terriers. Small dogs that are considered moderate shedders include the Chihuahua and the Dachshund.

Medium to Large Dogs that Don't Shed
Again, among the dogs that are medium to large in size, you'll find quite a few terriers that don't shed. These dogs include:

-- The Wirehaired Fox Terrier
-- The Airedale Terrier
-- The Standard Poodle
-- The Bedlington Terrier
-- The Wheaten Terrier
-- The Irish Water Spaniel
-- The Greyhound
-- The Kerry Blue Terrier

A Rare Breed of Dog that Doesn't Shed
One medium-sized dog that is good for allergy sufferers to own is the Lagotto Romagnolo, noted as the only dog whose nose is used to sniff out truffles. The canine, which hails from the area of Romagna in Italy, is a rare breed of dog that has a dense, curly coat that does tend to mat. Therefore, while you do have to comb the dog regularly, you won't be as pre-disposed to sneeze if you invite the breed into your living space.

The Top 10 Dogs that Don't Shed
Add the Lagotto Romagnolo to the top ten list of hypoallergenic dog breeds along with the following dogs from the previous lists. The most reliable non-shedders primarily come from the first list and include:

-- The Yorkshire Terrier
-- The Miniature Schnauzer
-- The Poodle and Miniature Poodle
-- The Maltese
-- The ShihTzu
-- The Havanese
-- The Boston Terrier
-- The West Highland White Terrier
-- The Bichon Frise

How to Keep Allergy Symptoms to a Minimum, Even if you Own a Hypoallergenic Dog
To minimize allergy symptoms even further, make it a practice to do the following:

-- Clean your home and vacuum rugs or carpets regularly. It's also a good idea to replace carpeting with travertine tiles, hardwood floors, or laminated flooring.

-- Bathe your dog on a weekly basis.

-- Keep your dog off of the bed or upholstery.

-- Use seat covers if your dog rides with you in the car.

-- Supplement your dog's diet with a good multivitamin or Omega 3 fish oil to keep his skin healthy.

-- Wash your hands after you spend time with your pet or touch his bedding or toys.

-- Talk to your doctor about recommended allergy medications.