Survey of Dog Owners

Emotions and Relationships and Differences by Respondent Gender
We partnered with the good people over at XINOSI ( to bring you the interesting survey findings below.

The survey was conducted with 500 adult dog owners over a 2-day period.

First up, XINOSI found that most current dog owners have also been life-long dog owners. Indeed, when respondents were asked if they had dogs for most of their lives, 81% said yes they did, while 19% said they did not (which suggest that the dog they currently have is likely to be their first dog).

They also asked respondents to agree or disagree with the following statements (results shown below). As you can see, the vast majority of dog owners said that dogs make great friends (96%), that dogs are loving (92%), that dogs are always loyal (83%) and that dogs make their lives better (80%).

A clear majority (57%) even said that dogs make better friends than people!

** Dogs make great friends: 96%
** Dogs are loving: 92%
** Having a dog makes my life better: 80%
** Dogs are always loyal: 83%
** Having a dog makes my life better: 80%
** Dogs make better friends than people: 57%

One interesting finding was that women were more likely than men to agree with each of these statements. It seems women may be more attuned to the emotional aspect of their human-dog relationships, as well as their dogs' emotional side, than men are.

** Dogs make great friends: Male-37% / Female-58%
** Dogs are loving: Male-35% / Female-57%
** Having a dog makes my life better: Male-28% / Female-52%
** Dogs are always loyal: Male-32% / Female-51%
** Dogs make better friends than people: Male-16% / Female-41%

Lastly, the dog owners in the XINOSI survey were asked if they could only have one - a dog or a significant other (wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.), an amazing 37% said they'd rather have a dog - while 63% selected a significant other.

** A dog: 37%
** A significant other: 63%

Looking at differences between the responses given by men vs. women, the survey found that women were much more likely than men to say they'd rather have a dog (43% of women said they'd rather have a dog vs. 28% of men).

** A dog: Male-28% / Female-43%
** A significant other: Male-72% / Female-57%

And there you have it folks! We'll be sharing more survey results going forward, once again thanks to the XINOSI team - check them out, they provide loads of free market research and studies to their website visitors. About XINOSI (

We like to say that XINOSI is an ongoing survey of the human condition. We conduct polls, studies and market research regarding a wide array of topics, including humanity's attitudes, beliefs, collective consumer and spending habits, likes and dislikes. We are likely to address some heady social questions, while also delve deep into bubble gum chewing statistics. Whether you want to know how many people consider themselves to be an optimist,how many people believe in unicorns or how the public reacted to James Comey's testimony - you'll find it all at XINOSI! And if you don't find it now (we're new and growing) - send us a note, and we'll make sure to do a study to address your question.