The Dogs of President James Monroe

James Monroe was President of the United States between 1817 and 1825.

He was generally a popular President, and was the last "Founding Father" to be
elected into the White House.

There is little information remaining about the President's pets, although it appears
that he was a dog fan. James Monroe owned several dogs during his time in the
White House.

His first was a Spaniel called Buddy, while his second was a Siberian Husky named Sebastian. There are also records of the President owning several sheep dogs, although unfortunately their names don't appear to have been recorded. We don't know how much time Mr. Monroe spent with the dogs, or whether he left all of their care to a kennel master, but we can speculate as to why he might have chosen the dogs.

Sebastian the Siberian Husky would have loved the open grounds of the White House, as the breed is known for having high energy levels and an independent streak. While the breed can make great family pets, they are also easily bored. This means that the dogs need regular exercise, otherwise unwelcome behavior such as howling can become a problem. The Siberian is very intelligent, which means they also need a lot of mental stimulation. In terms of appearance, Sebastian would have made the perfect Presidential pet. The breed retains many of the appearance characteristics of wolves, and is dignified, masculine and sturdy.

Although James Monroe was President before photography became common, he would have been quite comfortable to be photographed with a dog such as a husky. The President also enjoyed riding, which would have provided Sebastian with plenty of opportunities for exercise. The only time huskies don't require much exercise is during the warmer summer months, as they are not suited to excessive exertion in hot weather.

Siberian Huskies don't just have a wolf-like appearance - they also display many of the behaviors of their ancestors. Huskies rarely bark, and are more likely to howl. Their love of running means that they can run huge distances without getting tired.

Despite their appearance, Siberian Huskies are usually gentle and affectionate. They develop strong bonds with their owners, and are quite laid back most of the time. Huskies are usually friendly to strangers, which makes them unsuitable as guard dogs, although a friendly temperament is an important characteristic of any pet that lives in the White House.

The owner of a Siberian Husky needs to be firm and confident, as the dogs are likely to become a challenge to handle if they see their owner as weak or lacking leadership skills.

Mr. Monroe's other dog, a Spaniel, would have suited his hobby of hunting. The dogs were bred as gun dogs, and were traditionally used to flush birds out of bushes and shrubs. There are many types of spaniel, and unfortunately it's not known which type James Monroe owned. It's also unclear whether the President's sheep dogs were used for work or just as household pets.