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A Walk in the Park
The other day I was walking my dog (a lovely Golden Retriever, named Ada) in the park, when a strange thing happened. As we were using our usual route Ada was set free. Read More

The Best Christmas Ever
The year was 1995. It was Christmas Eve and as usual on this holiday the whole family was sitting around the table. We were talking, laughing and eating, of course and time passed really quickly. Read More

The Easiest Way to Teach Your Dog to Swim
I am a proud owner of a cute female Golden Retriever and around the age of 6-7 months we faced the so-called "water problem." The dog simply loved water, but was also afraid of places like lakes, rivers, etc. Read More

The Helper
Some of my friends and I decided to have a weekend in the mountain. The weather was perfect and my dog would love it to leave the city for a day or two. Read More

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