The Best Way to Leash Train Your Dog

Anyone who owns a dog, particularly a puppy, knows that soon into this relationship
this dog is going to have to learn to walk with a leash.

It not only is required in most areas, but it is also safer for the dog and for any
people that may be around when the owner is outside of their home and yard.

Leash training may not seem that difficult, but for a puppy or dog that has never
used a leash, they really have no idea what that thing is. So, here are a few tips to
make leash training easier.

The first step in leash training is simply getting the new dog adjusted to wearing a collar. This might not be something he likes at first and will probably try to pull it off, but dogs will usually get adjusted quickly.

Next, it is time for the leash. At first it will just be to get the dog comfortable with the leash. Simply clip it to his collar and preferably not a fancy leash to start with. Let him smell it and get used to it. He can even drag it through the house, but only do this under the owner's supervision. After a period he should forget about it.

Now, it is time to pick up the leash. Start with small walks around the house. The owner should let him walk beside them in a loose leash. If he pulls, do not yank him, but stop and call him over. Then give him praise for coming. Do this anytime the dog pulls or stops. If the owner yanks the leash or keeps walking while the dog is stopped it reinforces the dog's behavior of pulling and stopping.

He has to learn that if he wants to walk he has to do it on a lose leash and by his owner's side. Leash training is one of the simplest and first things that a new dog should learn. This makes going out with the dog much easier. It is also a necessity in most neighborhoods and cities, so get started as soon as possible.

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