Teaching Your Dog How to Ride in a Car

Dogs and cars have always been an issue.

Not all dogs, to be sure, but it is an issue with most of them. Given the ubiquity
of the automobile, it is a normal part of dog training to teach your dog to ride in a car
with you.

There will be situations in which it will simply be a necessity, like when going on
vacations, to the vet, or when you simply can't leave the dog home alone.

Here are some tips you can follow if your favorite pet is too afraid of your favorite vehicle.

The best way is to start teaching the dog when it is still a puppy. It may throw up once or twice, but this is normal - so be prepared to do a bit of cleaning. To make things easier on your dogs stomach and on your cleaning bill, avoid feeding your dog before going for a ride. Some dogs seem to be very fearful of cars, and you might see them shivering (even in warm weather) and expending copious amounts of saliva. The only thing you can really do about this is to continue exposing them to your vehicle, in small bursts, until they've become acclimated to the environment and the sensation of motion particular to cars.

Start gently by putting your dog in the car when it is just sitting in the driveway. Engine off, no motion...let it get used to the space. Another useful trick is to make your dog lie down in the seat and give it a nice doggy treat that it really likes. If you do this several times, the dog will associate the car with the treat, and it will eventually make the situation less traumatizing for your dog, since it will expect a reward if it stays calmly seated in the vehicle.

Have patients - your dog will get used to traveling by car. Start with small distances and never force or push your dog. Rest assured, once your dog becomes used to your vehicle, both of you are going to have a lot of fun traveling together. So give your dog the chance to make you happy!

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