How to Keep a Dog from Barking

Dogs make absolutely great pets. They are loving, loyal, and make great

Most people think of their dog as part of the family, and there is definitely a reason
dogs are man's best friend.

All of that being said no one likes to listen to their dog bark unnecessarily. Dogs are
going to bark. It is in their very being, but when there is not a purpose for it, there is
no reason for their owner to suffer.

If the owner has checked and there is nothing that is causing the dog to bark such as a strange noise, someone new around, they have not been fed, or they have to go outside. Then it is reason to suggest the dog is trying to assert its dominance over the owner or to get attention. Neither of these reasons is good for a dog to bark.

If a dog is barking at a stranger or maybe a passerby on the street, the best thing the owner can do is remove the object from them. If the dog is looking out the window and barking at cars passing by then close the curtains. If he is outside and doing the same thing, then bring him indoors. Removing the object of the barking is the best way to stop the barking.

If a dog is barking just to get attention, ignore him. Do not talk to, look at, or acknowledge him in anyway. If the owner speaks to the dog or coddles him in any way while he is barking he learns that barking gets the owners attention. This may take some patience because if he barks for an hour long period, and the owner finally snaps and yells at him, he will think next time he can bark longer.

A trick for making the dog stay quiet is when he stops barking give him a treat. Ignore him in every way possible while he is barking, but when he stops pet him and give him a snack of some sort. Do this every time he becomes quiet increasing the length of time a little at a time. This will allow him to know that when he is quiet he is rewarded.

One of the best ways for an owner to keep their dog from barking is to teach them the speak and quiet commands. First start with speak. This means telling the dog to speak and having someone else knock on the door or make another noise that would cause the dog to bark. Then place a treat in front of their face. Practice until the dog barks without the noise. The quiet command works by telling the dog to speak. When he barks tell him quiet then place a treat in front of his nose. When he gets quiet, give it to him. Once the dog becomes quiet on the command alone remove the treat for a few tries.

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