How to Get Your Dog to Come When Called

One of the most important training a dog must learn is to know when to come when

This means the dog knows his name, and understands when you are calling him.

This is one of the first things that any dog owner must teach their pet. From there it
is much easier to train the dog to do many other tricks and commands.

One of the most important things about having a dog trained to come when called no matter what is to keep them from running away when outside of the home, and to protect them from dangers such as running into the street. Most dogs when called will respond to the most interesting feature. If the dog is typically an indoors dog, when the owner calls they are probably the most interesting feature. However, in the park or other outdoor environment, there is a high probability that the owner is not the most interesting.

Training a dog to come is different for every breed. Some will catch on really quick, and some will be more difficult. It is also important to remember that dogs are a lot like people. Sometimes they will respond immediately to being called. Other times they may be distracted or not hear their owner. It is also important to know that like humans dogs may not feel like coming when called. So, do not get overly aggressive with a dog for not listening all the time.

Treats are a good tool to use when training a dog to come. The owner should be clear with their dog on what they are asking him to do. The idea is to make it a habit for the dog to come when called. This way he will be less inclined to want to do something else.

When training begins for any dog, make it abundantly clear that the dog is doing a good job when he comes - whether he was called or not. Give him a treat and lots of love. This shows the dog how much the owner appreciates that the dog comes to them.

Giving the dog a chase is a great way to make sure that he comes. Dogs cannot resist chasing after something especially their parent/owner. So, if the owner gets in a situation where their dog may have took off running towards the road or gotten off their leash, call his name loudly and run in the opposite direction. This is usually too good for a dog to pass up.

Make sure that the dog knows his name. Many dogs after a while will tune their name out because it is said so often, and they do not receive anything from it being said. The owner should try to get the dog to look at them by saying his name, and then reward him with lots of attention and maybe a treat.

Training a dog to come takes time and patience, but it ultimately can lead to the dog being better trained. Not to mention when the dog is off his leash or out in public, it results in safer situations if the owner knows how to get their dog to come when called.

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