How to Choose a Dog Trainer

Training a dog takes a lot of work. There are many different things that a dog must
learn particularly if it is an indoor dog, or the owner can expect to have a handful on
their hands.

Sometimes the owner does not have enough time to make sure that their dog is
properly trained, or they have no idea how to train their dog.

This is when it is time to call in the professionals. Here is what to look for when
hiring a dog trainer.

The first thing to note is that a professional dog trainer should have no problem with the owner sitting in on a training session before enrolling in the class. The trainer should also have no problem with anyone who interacts with the dog to attend the classes. During the class the owner should note if the other owners and their pets are having a good time.

An instructor worth using should have very basic protocols that they follow. They should provide a clear explanation of their methods in each class. They will demonstrate to the owners exactly what they will be teaching their dogs. The instructor should typically give each owner a handout with the instructions to follow for each teaching method. They should have plenty of time in each class to allow the owner's to practicing the training methods. Most importantly they should assist the owners so that they are performing each method correctly.

A trainer that is good to use will have great communication skills and encourage constant communication between the owner and their dog. This is a primary way of building good training skills.

Owners should make sure that the trainer does not prescribe to any harmful training methods. This of course means anything that could be harmful to the dog whether it is physical or mental. Yelling is just as poor of training as kicking and beating.

The best dog trainers will be knowledgeable of new techniques and will most likely have education on dog training such as being involved in the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. They will also be worried about the health of all dogs so it is important to ask if puppies or dogs need to have any vaccinations.

If a trainer meets all of these qualifications, they are more than likely an excellent choice for an owner to get help to train their dog. These trainers will not promise that they can train a dog, but they should give hopeful expectations and a set of skills to help the owner.

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