Five Easy Steps to Make Your Puppy Stop Biting

We all know that puppies like to bite everything. This is a problem not only because
biting can cause household damage (dogs have been known to ruin furniture for
example) but because biting things indiscriminately can be dangerous the puppy.

Biting may have made a lot of sense when dogs - and humans - lived a more sedate,
primal existence - but in today's modern environment, biting can be downright
unhealthy to a small pup.

That is why it's important to train your puppy to stop its indiscriminant biting and direct it towards healthy alternatives. Here are some simple steps that might help you.

1. Attempt to identify the reason for the biting. It might be because it is growing new teeth or because it is angered or stressed. You should be ready to encourage everything good your puppy does and show it, in a direct way, when it does something wrong.

2. Games are an important part of puppy training and dog bonding. No question about it. But, to help train your puppy not to bite everything it finds, you must avoid play-fighting or any physical games that may allow your puppy to bite you. Rather, concentrate on exercises such as fetch the ball, etc. If your puppy is tired enough from the exercises, it will slowly lose its desire to bite. Again, do not forget to give it a reward when it does something right.

3. Use your voice. Whenever your puppy bits you, tell it with authority "No" or "Oh" and take your hand out of its mouth. This will make it understand that it is not pleasant for you and the strength of the bite was bigger than needed. If, however, your puppy is ignoring you, the next time this happens, after saying "No" or "Oh", leave the room. This will make your puppy aware that its playing buddy (i.e., you) will leave it if it continues biting.

4. Do not forget to give your puppy a treat when it is being good. Puppies love treats and they will do whatever is necessary to keep receiving them.

5. Last, but not least, when your puppy reaches 6 months of age, start formerly training it! Make your puppy learn more about what is and is not allowed to do...not only towards you, but also towards other people and dogs in the streets. Again, pay attention to the positive things your puppy does and reward them.

And a final piece of advice - if your puppy does something wrong, do not beat it, hit it or be harsh with it! This will make it fear you, so it will start doing those things when you are not around, which can be pretty dangerous! Plus, your bond and friendship with your dog will suffer.

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