Dogs That Are Easy and Not-so-Easy to Train

All Dogs can be Trained Basic Commands Such as Sit or Stay

While you may believe your lovable Basset hound is a smart canine, other dog
breeds are considered much easier to train. However, that doesn't mean your gentle
and affectionate pet can't be trained basic commands like Sit or Stay.

You'll just have to be more patient when you are teaching him. So, when it comes to
training your dog, part of your success lies with you too. If you can practice patience
or perseverance, you will succeed at training your pet regardless of his doggie I.Q.

Dogs that Can be Easily Trained

However, if you tend to be rather impatient, you may want to opt for adopting one of the breeds that catch on quicker to your commands. Usually dogs that are bred for herding, hunting, or retrieving are quicker at picking up cues. In fact researchers have found that certain breeds naturally understand commands more easily than some of their counterparts.

Not only that, the dogs remember the commands and obey them most of the time too. Highly trainable dog breeds include the following:

-- The Border collie is number one on the list of trainable dogs. Not only is this dog known for his uncanny ability to herd sheep, he is also esteemed for his amazing instinct.

-- The Poodle is another easily trained canine. While miniature poodles are noted for their truffle-hunting abilities, regular-sized poodles have been used to retrieve items from bodies of water.

-- The German shepherd, another smart dog breed, is used in search-and-rescue work and in maneuvers for the military.

-- The Doberman pinscher is highly intelligent too. Very quick on his feet, the Doberman is used for guarding and as a police dog too.

-- The lovable Golden retriever, another fast learner, is used as a guide for sight-impaired people or in search-and-rescue activities.

-- Labrador retrievers have also been proven to be quick studies. Good with children, they are both affable and smart. -- The Shetland sheepdog is a small collie-type dog that is notably intelligent as well, and lives up to his reputation as a hard-working herding dog.

-- Add the Rottweiler to the list of trainable dogs too. Often used as a service dog, therapy dog, or police dog, the canine is as companionable as he is smart.

Bassets - Not that Quick of Study but Lovable Nonetheless

So, which dog breeds take longer to train or may test the patience of some of their owners? Count the above-mentioned Basset hound in the mix as well as the beagle. However, while the Basset may not quickly catch on to what you are trying to teach, he is a very gentle pup and devoted as well. Although you may have to tell him to Sit a number of time, he is, none-the-less, a temperate and loyal friend.

The Beagle - Not Easy to Train but Still a Good Family Pet

The Beagle, as noted too, is hard to train, not so much because he is stupid but, rather, because he tends to have a mind of his own. However, the dog is a good family pet and gets along well with other dogs although he has an aversion to cats.

The Bulldog - Slow to Catch on Albeit Affectionate

The bulldog is another dog that is slow to catch on to what you are trying to train him. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an affectionate, loyal, and lovable companion, you could not ask for a better pet.

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