Bringing a New Puppy Home and Acquainting Him to your Surroundings

While many people give their children puppies as Christmas gifts, the practice can
also be quite stressful for the dog.

All that extra excitement may only add to confusing and frightening him. Far better
to let you pup enter your home when the routine is normal.

Bring a New Puppy Home Preferably in the Morning

For anyone who works during the week, Saturday morning is a good time to bring a new pup into your home environment. That way he has the whole weekend to adjust to his surroundings before you he is left alone for a few hours on Monday morning. In fact, the early part of the day is the best time to introduce your dog into your home as he has the whole day to become acquainted with you, your family, and his new living arrangement.

Avoid Giving Extra Attention to your New Dog if you have other Pets in your Home

Also, resist the temptation to handle your puppy too often during the first few days. If you have other pets in your household, make sure that your new dog is properly introduced. Remember, you don't want to ignore your other pets while you shower your new pup with attention as the other animals may become jealous or resentful.

Ignore Whimpering and Crying

On that first eventful night, try not to cave into temptation by allowing your new pup to sleep with you. You'll just have to let him whimper and complain, even if it means your family will not get much sleep. Giving in to his puppy demands will only take away your authority and give you less control over your dog's behavior.

How to Set up your Puppy's Sleeping Area

To keep your puppy from crying, you might try placing a doll wrapped in a towel in his bed to act as a kind of surrogate mother. Remember, that this little guy is used to the security and warmth of his mother and siblings. Therefore, the idea of sleeping alone may not be all that appealing. Make sure you place his bed in a location that is away from any drafts too and position it so it is set a distance from where he eats his meals. His bed should be large enough to give him room to stretch, thereby providing him with a reasonable level of comfort.

Basic Feeding Tips

When it comes to feeding, puppies need to be fed small portions frequently because they are growing as well as exerting a good deal of energy. After your pup has been fully weaned, and until he is about three months old then, he should be fed three to four times a day. You might want to give him kibble that has been soaked in broth along with a meat-based dog food or a commercial formulation that has been recommended by your vet. Moistening the food makes the food easier to digest as dogs generally do not chew their food. Keep to a regular feeding schedule so housebreaking your dog can be done in a relatively short span of time.

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