Dog Training

The Best Way to Leash Train Your Dog
Anyone who owns a dog, particularly a puppy, knows that soon into this relationship this dog is going to have to learn to walk with a leash. It not only is required in most areas, but it is also safer for the dog...Read More

How to Keep a Dog from Barking
Dogs make absolutely great pets. They are loving, loyal, and make great companions. Most people think of their dog as part of the family, and there is definitely a reason dogs are man's best friend. Read More

How to Get Your Dog to Come When Called
One of the most important training a dog must learn is to know when to come when called. This means the dog knows his name, and understands when you are calling him. Read More

How to Choose a Dog Trainer
Training a dog takes a lot of work. There are many different things that a dog must learn particularly if it is an indoor dog, or the owner can expect to have a handful on their hands.Read More

Teaching Your Dog How to Ride in a Car
Dogs and cars have always been an issue. Not all dogs, to be sure, but it is an issue with most of them. Given the ubiquity of the automobile, it is a normal part of dog training to teach your dog to ride in a car with you. Read More

Dog Schools - Are They Needed or Are They Just for Fun?
With our fast pace lifestyles and ultra hip, ultra modern societies, it is no wonder that institutions like dog schools appeared and are gaining more and more supporters. Read More

The Stages of Puppyhood: Training Basics
If you have not owned a dog before and you've acquired a new puppy, then you'll need to know what to expect with respect to his development. Behavioral problems can be avoided in adulthood if you take measures to teach your dog the proper way to behave from the first day you bring him home or adopt him. Read More

Clicker Training
If you visit a dog training club, you may be surprised to hear clicking noises coming from the classes. These sounds are made by a clicker, a little plastic device with a thin metal tongue.Read More

What to Do if You Want to Raise a Happy and Playful Puppy
When we get our first dog, we shower it with love and attention, we play with it and feed it as if it as if it were our own newborn baby. While that is a wonderful start, it is not enough if you truly want to raise and happy and playful puppy.Read More

Five Easy Steps to Make Your Puppy Stop Biting
We all know that puppies like to bite everything. This is a problem not only because biting can cause household damage (dogs have been known to ruin furniture for example) but because biting things indiscriminately can be dangerous the puppy. Read More

How to Help your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety
Because dogs are social animals, it's important that you train them so they feel comfortable about being left alone for any extended period of time. That's because dogs who stay at home while their owners work often suffer from separation anxiety. Read More

Barking to Excess: What you Can do to Rehabilitate your Dog
Telling a dog not to bark is like telling a cow not to moo as dogs naturally like this form of expression. Plus, every time he barks, the vocalization results in a reaction. Read More

Bringing a New Puppy Home and Acquainting Him to your Surroundings
While many people give their children puppies as Christmas gifts, the practice can also be quite stressful for the dog. All that extra excitement may only add to confusing and frightening him. Read More

Dogs That Are Easy and Not So Easy to Train
All Dogs can be Trained Basic Commands Such as Sit or Stay
While you may believe your lovable Basset hound is a smart canine, other dog breeds are considered much easier to train. However, that doesn't mean... Read More

Curing the Canine Escapee
An escaping dog is a real problem, not just for the dog's owner but for the general community. It's scary not knowing where your dog is and whether he is hurt. It's also scary for those that may meet him when he's out and about...Read More

Dog Training Techniques
There are many ways of teaching dogs new behaviors, but they tend to fall into just two categories - compulsion training and reward based training. Let's look at the pro's and cons of each.Read More