The Helper

Some of my friends and I decided to have a weekend in the mountain. The weather
was perfect and my dog would love it to leave the city for a day or two. So we rented a
cabin near a lake, loaded the luggage, the dogs, and the food and set off.

When we arrived, Anuk (a malamute) was the first one to hop off the car. One of the
first things he did was to jump into the lake. We unloaded the bags and followed his

After a lot of laugh and good deal of swimming, it was time to prepare the BBQ.

Then we realized that we had forgotten to take coal and wood. Anyway, we figured since we are in the woods, we might as well gather some wood and use it to start the fire.

Each of us chose a different direction and we agreed to meet at the cabin in half an hour. I found some wood and went back. I was the first one at the cabin, however there were already lots of wooden sticks waiting, so I assumed that one of the guys already brought one batch and went for a second round. After five minutes or so, the others came back and started congratulating me on the amount of wood I had gathered. I was really surprised and was just telling them that it wasn't me when the mystery was solved.

Anuk appeared from the woods, carrying a big stick in his mouth. We all started laughing as we found out who was our secret helper. After we prepared the meat, the best steaks were for Anuk, without whom it would have taken as a longer time to gather the necessary amount of wood. He was really glad after the treat, and I was really proud of my clever dog!