The Easiest Way to Teach Your Dog to Swim

I am a proud owner of a cute female Golden Retriever and around the age of 6 to
7 months we faced the so-called "water problem." The dog simply loved water, but
was also afraid of places like lakes, rivers, etc.

I know that this breed doesn't normally have problems with the water, so I decided to
consult the vet. He said that there is no problem and I need just patience. He also
stressed that is very important not to make the dog do anything, but wait for her to
decide to do it on her own.

So, that's what I did. We went for walks into parks, forests; we did all the usual Golden stuff like eating sticks, chasing balls etc. Without swimming... One day, a friend of mine, also a proud owner of a Golden called and asked if we wanted to join him and Nookie (the Golden) for a walk. I agreed and we went out in the park with the dogs. I told him about our water problem, he was telling me they had some issues with the commands Nookie refused to obey. We sat on a bench and continue talking for some time when we realized we haven't heard our beloved dogs for a long time.

I started calling for Ada and he for Nookie. Ada came to me first, and she was all wet. I was really surprised and at first thought she found a small pound or something. Nookie also appeared and he was wet as well. I started wondering whether the miracle has happened and there I received my answer. Nookie, who didn't have any problems swimming, started playing with Ada and step by step they reached the lake. He jumped in it and my lady followed him! I was so relieved to see her finally swimming, that when we got home, she received a pile of delights. From this day on, Ada and water are inseparable!