The Best Christmas Ever

The year was 1995. It was Christmas Eve and as usual on this holiday the whole
family was sitting around the table.

We were talking, laughing and eating, of course and time passed really quickly.

Soon it was time to go to bed. I was 8 years old back then and didn't feel like
sleeping. However my parents insisted and I had to do it. Yet, they promised that
in the morning, I will receive the best gift ever!

With the thought of this gift I went to bed and fall asleep really fast. It turned out that I was more tired that I was ready to admit. I had the feeling that I had just gone to bed when I felt something wet on my chick. I woke up and the first thing I saw was a small wet black nose! I started screaming and then I heard my parents laughing. I was too puzzled to continue to be scared and opened my eyes widely to see what was so funny. And then I realized it, the small black nose belonged to a very cute puppy and it was all mine! This was the gift my parents were talking about the previous night. I jumped off the bed, put some clothes on and started playing with the puppy, while my father was giving me basic information I needed to know.

The breed of the puppy was a Bulgarian Scenthound. It was female and 45 days old and one of my first duties was to come up with a name for this lovely creature. There is a tradition in Bulgaria, to name a dog with a name that has the letter "r" in it. People believe that it is for the dog's health. So after some consideration the name I chose was Sarah. Although Sarah is not amongst us nowadays, this will always remain the best Christmas I have had.