Dog Food Review - Wellness

Based in Massachusetts, the dog food we know as Wellness has only been in production since the 1990's. A team of veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists worked together to create a dog food that not only contains the finest human grade ingredients with no fillers, but also meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrient guidelines.

There are three core brands that are manufactured under the Wellness umbrella.

Super5Mix contains ingredients such as chicken, oatmeal and sweet potato, and a carefully chosen selection of nutritional supplements. Available in puppy, adult, senior and healthy weight varieties, there will be a formulation that is ideally suited for your dog.

The Core range of dog foods are promoted as being grain free. Whether or not you should feed your dog grain is quite a controversial topic in the dog world. Dogs don't really need the carbohydrates that are in grains, but they still provide some nutritional benefit. Unless you know that your dog has some specific grain allergy or other medical condition that needs him to be on a low carb diet, there is no need to avoid grains.

The Simple hypoallergenic varieties contain carefully chosen ingredients that are designed to manage food allergies in dogs.

Wellness foods are well within the ball park when compared to other quality brands.

You can expect to pay up to $60 for a bag of Wellness kibble depending on the size and variety, and $30 for a case of 12 cans of wet food.

It's not the cheapest food on the market but when you look at the quality of the ingredients, it's well worth the extra few dollars.

One comment you'll hear from people who feed their dog Wellness food is that it passes the taste test. It doesn't matter how good a food is if your dog turns his nose up at it. This definitely isn't a problem with any of the Wellness brands.

If he does have to eat a grain free diet, then you'll find the Core range to be ideal for his needs. It will help to control the bloating and gastrointestinal upsets associated with grain intolerances.

There aren't many negatives to this brand of food. One complaint is that dogs can get diarrhea if they are suddenly switched to Wellness food. This can happen with any change in diet, and shows just how important it is to gradually introduce any new food to your dog's diet.

Many of the Super5Mix foods contain garlic or garlic powder. Garlic destroys red blood cells and causes anemia. However, the amount in the dog food isn't likely to result in any adverse effects on your dog.

In May 2012, there was a voluntary recall of Wellness Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy kibble, after Salmonella was found in a manufacturing facility used by the company. They are no longer using this facility and no other varieties of Wellness food have been affected.

When you consider the quality of ingredients that go into a bag of Wellness food, and the feedback from dog owners, this is a highly recommended food for dogs of all ages and life stages.

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