Dog Food Review - Royal Canin

In 1967, French veterinarian Jean Cathary was so fed up with the quality of dog foods available on the market that he created his own brand, the regal-sounding Royal Canin. The brand is still going strong five decades later with revenues that top $2.8 million dollars worldwide and 12 food production centers around the globe.

Over the years, Royal Canin has gained - naturally, with that name - a reputation for providing top-quality ingredients for your beloved dogs.
The ingredient label reads like a who's who list of high-quality foods, including chicken meal, brown rice, rice, oat and chicken fat.

Many of the puppy formulas also contain special vitamins and minerals to aid a dog's rapid growth. No artificial ingredients or by-products are contained in the food, though filler foods like corn and wheat appear later on the list.

Royal Canin is not a one-size-fits-all dog food: The brand offers an astounding 18 breed-specific formula for dogs ranging from tiny Yorkshire Terriers to German Shepherds. Royal Canin also offers a line of 29 different dog foods available only in retail stores, along with 21 veterinarian-only foods designed to treat conditions from renal failure to canine diabetes.

Why the different formulas? Royal Canin understands that dogs all have different needs. Take bulldogs for instance: Their flat faces make it difficult to grasp regular kibble, so Royal Canin made their Bulldog 24 formula wave-shaped so they can easily chow down.

We'd expect a high-quality food like Royal Canin to cost us more than a steak dinner at a nice restaurant. Luckily, Royal Canin understands that quality needs to be affordable - the prices of the different varieties range from about $16 to $60, depending on size and formula. The prices of veterinarian-only formulas will vary depending on your location and the special needs of your pup.

All Royal Canin food comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee - so you won't be out any cash if your best friend hates it.

The people have spoken - and by and large they love Royal Canin! A quick survey of the web shows that both pets and people love the brands - reviews range from "my dog loves this stuff" to "my dog has been eating this for 6 months now and I already see improvements in her attitude and in her coat."

Royal Canin faced quite a bit of backlash in 2007 when the contaminate melamine was found in the rice protein concentrate used in the food. The recall - part of the huge wave of melamine pet food poisonings that year - only happened after Canadians launched a $50-million class-action lawsuit over the contaminated food.

Luckily, the company seems to have fixed the problem and no recalls have been issued since 2007. The company is also the only ISO-certified pet food company, meaning it follows the stringent international standards for food quality. If you're looking for a nutritionally balanced food for your canine companion that caters for breed and age specific requirements, then you can't go past Royal Canin.

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