Dog Food Review - Primal Raw

Primal Raw is a relative newcomer to the dog food market, being established in San Francisco in 2001.

They produce a range of raw foods for dogs based on human grade ingredients that are just like what your canine would eat in the wild.

Their goal is to improving your dog's health and quality of life through a natural raw diet.


This company includes only the best in their formulations. The raw foods manufactured by Primal Raw contain fresh, antibiotic and steroid free meat, and organic vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Meat and bones are added to kale, carrot and yam for vitamins and minerals, and coconut oil for added fatty acids. The foods are preserved with natural Vitamin E.


Primal Raw foods come in a range of flavors including beef, buffalo, sardine, turkey, venison, lamb and chicken. There are three recipes.

The Primal Formula is a complete meal, and is designed to provide all the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. It is available as nuggets, patties or chub roll, depending on what's most convenient for you.

Primal Mixes contain fresh meat, ground bone and organic produce. They are not a balanced diet and should only be used as a supplement. Primal Grinds are similar in that they contain only ground meat and bone. These are available as a chub roll. There is no "one size fits all" to this company - both the mixes and grinds give you the opportunity to give your dog the supplements you feel he needs.

To round off the Primal Raw menu, they also supply healthy treats for your dog, and raw bones for him to chew on.


This isn't a cheap food, costing $28 for 14 oz nugget while you'll pay $30-40 for 6lbs of patties depending on variety. However, the quality meat and organic ingredients justifies the price. With this food, you really will be feeding your dog the same standard of food as you'd put on your own plate.


This food is very popular with dog owners. It is convenient and easy to purchase at pet stores and online. One feature that sets this food apart is the unique varieties. If your dog has food allergies, he may benefit from an unusual protein source. With Primal Raw you can feed your dog a food based on rabbit, quail, pheasant and venison.


There are no downsides to Primal Raw. Some may hesitate at the price, but this food is quite calorie dense so you don't need to feed a lot to meet your dog's daily nutrient needs. This makes the cost more manageable.

The Primal Raw brand of food gives you a convenient and mess-free way of feeding your dog a natural raw diet. The ingredients are good enough for you to eat, and because the food tastes great, your dog won't refuse what you put in his dinner bowl. You can rest assured your much loved canine companion is eating as well as every other member of your family.

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