Dog Food Review - Orijen

Founded in 1985 and boasting over 25 years of experience in the pet food industry, Orijen is manufactured in Alberta, Canada.

Their aim is to use biologically suitable ingredients sourced locally to produce a food that is similar to the diet of a wild canine.

It's obviously working because they distribute their products to satisfied dog owners in over 60 countries.


Because Orijen food is formulated to match what a dog would be expected to eat if they had to hunt for their meal, it is high in protein and is free from any grain.

Their menu features kibbles made from free-range red meats and poultry, eggs and wild caught fish. The carbohydrate sources include potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and peas. All of the ingredients in the Orijen range have been passed as fit for human consumption so you know that you're feeding your dog the very best.


Orijen makes it easy to choose the right product for you by separating their product range into 3 categories - puppies, large puppies and adult dogs. Their specific formulations include red meat and 6 fish recipes. This brand of food is only available as dry kibble.

There are no cans or treats, because the manufacturing facility isn't able to produce canned foods and Orijen won't allow their foods to be made anywhere else. This allows them to maintain a consistent standard.


You won't find Orijen foods on the supermarket shelf. They are only available from pet speciality stores and veterinary practices.

A 5.5lb bag from their adult dog range costs around $19.99, whereas the 29.7lb version will set you back $75.99. Many online stores offer discounts on a wide selection of Orijen dog foods.

Their pricing is higher than many other premium pet foods but the comments from dog owners suggest that they are happy to pay extra for the high standard of ingredients.


Orijen rates very highly amongst dog owners because of the freshness and quality of their ingredients. There are many reports of dogs having improved skin and coat, and better digestive health after changing to Orijen. As well as the good ingredients, this food tastes good. Some dogs like it so much that it can be used as training treats. There aren't many dog food manufacturers that could claim that.

As with any food, it doesn't suit all dogs. There are reports of some individuals suffering from skin allergies and diarrhea when eating Orijen. It's fair to say that the best food for a dog is the one that he does best on.


If you own a few dogs or even one giant breed, the cost of Orijen might just stretch your budget a little thin. Although a healthy dog will have no problem with high protein levels in their food, there are concerns about the effects of high protein diets on dogs with pre-existing kidney disease. Overall, Orijen can be regarded as one of the best kibbles available and is a suitable food for dogs of all ages and activity levels.

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