Dog Food Review - Natural Balance

The actor Dick Van Patten and his partners started manufacturing Natural Balance dog foods in 1989.

Their motives were to manufacture the highest quality pet foods in the industry based on solid scientific fundamentals.

Their foods are now sold worldwide, and their menu also features formulations for large zoo carnivores such as polar bears, lions and wolves.


Natural Balance uses only high quality ingredients in their foods. Their protein sources include chicken, duck meal, salmon meal and lamb meal. Carbohydrates come from barley, oatmeal and potato. Add to these basic ingredients some chicken fat for omega fatty acids, brewer's yeast and minerals and you have a food that will keep your dog in prime condition.

One feature that makes Natural Balance popular with dog owners is that their food isn't preserved with ethoxyquin. Instead they use natural alpha tocopherols to keep their food in good condition


Your dog will be spoiled for choice if you choose to feed him Natural Balance foods. He can take his pick from the usual canned and dry formulations, but Natural Balance also manufactures a tasty stew with gravy that is neatly packaged in small plastic containers.

If your dog prefers a roll, he can choose from beef, lamb or turkey flavour. Unlike many other dog food manufacturers, Natural Balance doesn't offer a puppy formula. Their reasoning is that dogs in the wild don't eat puppy food when they are young and pet dogs will do fine with a good quality adult ration.

One thing that Natural Balance does supply is treats. These are great for dog trainers who want to stick to the one brand for all their dog's needs to avoid them having a reaction to a food they're not used to.


Natural Balance prices are very reasonable. A 28lb bag of Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Dry Dog You Food will only set you back around $50, whereas the dog rolls cost work out to be about $5 per lb. You can join "Club NB" where you can receive news and special offers by email. Also, some pet retailers offer discounts on Natural Balance foods from time to time.


Natural Balance is thought by many to be a quality dog food in terms of value for money and standard of the ingredients. One variety that is proving popular is their Vegetarian dog food.

Owners of dogs with meat allergies are thrilled to find a nutritionally balanced food that contains no animal products.


This brand of food was one of many that were affected by the Salmonella contamination scare early in 2012. Although none of their foods were tested to be positive to Salmonella, the company felt it better to be safe rather than sorry. Is the lack of a puppy formula an issue? Probably not for most dogs, but if you own a large breed, it may well be worth looking at an alternative with a recipe that caters for their specific needs. Overall, Natural Balance foods are of good quality and many pet dogs are thriving on it.

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