Dog Food Review - Holistic Select

Holistic Select's unique selling position is their attention to detail when it comes to digestion of food.

Their philosophy is that a dog's general health is closely related to digestive health. They have spent many years perfecting their dry and canned food recipes to not only be nutritious but also very easy to digest.

They combine proteins, grains and vegetables with a unique digestive health support system containing fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes.

The ingredient list on a packet of Holistic Select sounds tasty. Chicken meal, pork meal, anchovy and sardine meal are the main protein sources. They then add fruits, vegetables and grains including rice and oatmeal to the mix. Sources of enzymes such as protease, cellulose and alpha-amylase are included to start the protein breakdown process, to make sure your dog gets as much benefit as possible from the protein in his food.

Ethoxyquin is a controversial preservative that is often used to preserve fish meal. Holistic Select don't include this in their recipes, but instead use more natural mixed tocopherols to stop their food spoiling.


Holistic Select produce formulas for adults, puppies, senior citizens and dogs that need to watch their weight.

They specifically produce formulas for small breed adults and puppies that have smaller kibble. This makes it much easier for small dogs to eat. Similarly, their giant breed puppy formula takes into account the special needs of these growing babies. Not sure what to feed your dog? The Holistic Select website can help with this.

Key in your dog's age, breed, and how he spends his days, and they'll recommend a range of products that are suitable for him. If your dog likes variety, purchase more than one recipe and rotate them.


Holistic Select is available from many online and offline retailers at very affordable prices. A 30lb bag of Chicken Meal & Oatmeal Large & Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food will set you back $49.49. The cost for a smaller 6 lb. bag is $17.49.

If your dog prefers canned food, either as his whole meal or to add a little flavor to his kibble, you can buy a case of twelve 13oz cans for around $28. Holistic Select offer an online pet community - you can subscribe to their mailing lists and receive special offers from time to time.


Feedback on Holistic Select foods is positive. Many people find it's a good quality food that doesn't break their bank account. There are many reports of dogs showing improved skin and coat condition when they are switched to a Holistic Select recipe.

Similarly, bowel problems such as gas and diarrhea have been seen to settle down on this food.


There are no real downsides to Holistic Select. It's a good quality food with healthy ingredients at an affordable price. All dogs are different, but if your dog isn't doing as well as he could on his current food, it may be worth trying him on Holistic Select. Just make sure you change his food over gradually to avoid any upset tummies.

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