Review of Hill's Science Diet

These days, we pretty much do anything to make sure our pets are cared for with proper nutrition and healthcare. Sadly, that wasn't always the case. However, a forward thinking veterinarian - Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. - saw a different future for animal nutrition when he started his New Jersey clinic in 1928.

By 1939, Dr. Morris was well on his way to improving animal diets when Buddy the German shepherd came into his life. Buddy - a seeing-eye dog for a blind man, Morris Frank - was suffering from kidney problems and Frank asked Dr. Morris to help alleviate his problems through proper nutrition.
The doctor and his wife then created Raritan Ration B, which eventually evolved into Hill's Science Diet. Hill's Science Diet has exploded in popularity since its humble beginnings, passing $1 billion in revenue in 1999 - and it's still growing today.


Hill's Science Diet advertises that its food is healthy for dogs with special nutrients for dogs' health and no fillers. The top 10 ingredients listed on the label include chicken, brown rice, soybean meal, whole grain wheat, chicken meal, pork fat, dried egg product, flaxseed, dried beet pulp and natural flavor. Corn is not listed as one of the ingredients.


Hill's Science Diet is broken up into two main varieties of dog food: Science Diet and Prescription diet - the latter can only be purchased through a licensed veterinarian. The Hill's Science Diet side offers a variety of foods for different stages of a dog's life, from puppy to senior, under names like Healthy Advantage, Nature's Best and Ideal Advantage.

Specific foods for canine health problems are also available, including foods for everything from weight management to cancer. Fussy eater at your house? Don't worry: Hill's Science Diet comes in both wet and dry foods for many of its special formulas.


Hill's Science Diet is not cheap - but it won't break the bank, either. The food ranges from about $8 to upwards of $50, depending on where you buy.

Hills' Science Diet has a money-back guarantee, so you won't be out pocket if your pup decides she doesn't like their food. The company also offers a "try it free" rebate on their website - you simply print out the form and return it with proof of purchase and the company sends you a check for the cost.


Reviews are generally mixed for Hill's Science Diet - some claim their best friends love the foods, while others are serious opponents.

Your best bet is to discuss the food - and your dog's diet - with your vet before making a final decision.


Hill's Science Diet is not immune to the food recalls issued by the U.S. FDA. The company recalled its products during the massive recall of 2007 after the poison melamine was found in the food. Reports show that three different types of Hill's Science Diet tested positive for Melamine and its derivative compounds.

If you are looking for a quality food for your much loved dogs, Hill's Science Diet is well worth considering. Their prescription foods are highly recommended as part of the treatment of many canine medical conditions.

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