Dog Food Review - Halo

What do dogs have in common with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Katherine Heigl?

They all love Halo and promote it at every opportunity.

The company routinely gets mentioned in pet articles in publications ranging from People Pets to PBS.

Does Halo walk the talk when it comes to dog nutrition? They certainly do.


Halo is touted as an all-natural brand of dog food with no rendered meats. Its ingredients list mostly matches that claim. The company's line of dog food lists chicken, eggs, pea protein, oats, vegetable broth, pearled barley, chicken fat, whole peas, chicken liver, salmon, flax seed, salmon oil and pea fiber as its mean ingredients. These foods also contain inulin, a soluble fiber that acts as a prebiotic to encourage the growth of good bacteria in your dog's intestines. This results in better digestion and fewer tummy upsets. Add to this the fact that Halo foods contain no artificial colors or flavors and it sounds ideal.

Some pet food purists don't like that Halo's food includes pea protein and pea fiber - they are viewed as filler and a lower quality source of protein.


Halo offers 16 different varieties of dog foods in both dry and wet formulas. The dry pet foods have names that sound good enough for Thanksgiving dinner - we have to remind ourselves that Halo is for our pups, not us.

They also manufacture a vegan food called Vegan Garden Medley. Dogs aren't vegan. They are predominantly carnivores and their teeth and digestive tract are designed for eating meat. They can get by on a grain based diet but for optimal health they need meat protein. If you want to be vegan, that's fine, but is it fair to force that lifestyle on your dog? The only time it would be appropriate to consider this diet for your dog is if he had a severe food allergy.


Halo dog foods are priced similarly to other premium dog foods, though they are a bit more expensive in the larger packages. Prices for both the dry and moist formulas range from about $13.00 to about $60, depending on where you purchase the food.

Halo is available both online through retailers like Amazon and in bricks-and-mortar pet retail stores like Petco and PetSmart.


Halo seems to have a die-hard following among dog owners. Most of the reviews for Halo foods are positive - and many seem to have switched to Halo after the pet recall scares in recent years.

It is extremely palatable, with owners of fussy dogs commenting that their four legged family member seems to really enjoy this food. It's peace of mind if your little gourmet will eat a balanced food that gives them all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.


Halo prides itself as one of the only dog food brands that hasn't been recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for contamination. There are no real downsides to this brand of food, and most dogs will thrive if Halo is put in their dinner bowl at mealtimes.

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