Dog Food Review - Evo

Evo is manufactured by Natura Pet Products who take credit for producing the first ever low carbohydrate grain free dry food for pets. They feel that since dogs in the wild don't eat a lot of grain, why include it in their kibble?

If you don't want to feed your dog raw, this may be a convenient and more hygienic alternative.

Apart from being closer to a dog's natural diet, the low carb content in Evo foods can help with weight loss and regulation of diabetes in your canine family member.

Natura Pet Products is now owned by Procter and Gamble who also own a number of other dog food brands including Eukanuba.


In a nutshell, Evo foods are lower in carbohydrate but high in fats and protein when compared to other brands. Their meat proteins sound delicious - venison, turkey and salmon are used along with more common ingredients such as lamb and beef. The carbohydrate content of the kibble comes from potatoes. All Evo foods are free from artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers.

It's fair to say that although wild canines may not have eaten grains as a main part of their diet, they still have nutritional value. For the average pet dog with no grain allergies and no tummy upsets from food, grain in their kibble isn't a problem at all.


Whether your canine connoisseur prefers dry food or canned, Evo has something to tempt his palate.

Dry food varieties include formulations for adult dogs and seniors, as well as a recipe for dogs that are prone to a generous waistline. You can choose canned food and kibbles containing red meats, fish or white meats. For those between meal treats either for training or just to say "I love you" grab a tasty pack of Wild Cravings grain free treats.


You may expect that a kibble that contains a high amount of good quality meat proteins would be extremely expensive but you'll be pleasantly surprised. With a 30lb bag costing around $75, Evo foods are within the ball park of other high quality kibbles. Not only that, but their high energy levels mean you feed a smaller quantity than you would of other kibbles. That 30lb bag will last longer than you may expect.

Some distributors of Evo offer a frequent buyer club which can also save more of your hard earned dollars.


Generally, reviews are favorable. Dog owners report improved muscle tone and a shiny coat. Some people find that the high fat content can cause loose stools. As with any change in diet, do it gradually to avoid tummy upsets.

When Procter and Gamble bought Natura Pet, there were several reports that suggested dogs that had previously thrived on Evo started having problems.


One main downside of the Evo range is that they don't produce a formulation specifically for puppies. This may not be a big concern but it's thought by many veterinarians that large breed puppies in particular need a specific diet to grow up with healthy bones and joints.

The high protein and fat content can be problematic for dogs with underlying health conditions such as kidney disease or pancreatitis.

Apart from these concerns, Evo seems to be a good quality food with no controversial ingredients, and a very good choice for most adult dog owners.

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