Review of Eukanuba Dog Food

A dog food that grew out of the 1940's jazz culture? Yep, that's Eukanuba.

The brand of dog food - now included in the Proctor & Gamble family of products - started when the creator needed an unusual name to capture people's attention.

He found the name Eukanuba; a jazz term meaning "the tops" or "supreme" and the rest, as they say in show business, is history. Eukanuba is one of the best known dog foods worldwide.

Eukanuba is known for being "the choice" of champion dogs, but pet food purists tend to look down at the brand because of the food's main ingredients. For example, the Eukanuba Adult Dog Food contains chicken, chicken by-product meal, corn meal, ground whole grain sorghum and brewers rice. The meat is fine, but some believe that corn is filler and is difficult for dogs to digest. This isn't necessarily true, and grains such as corn can still provide nutritional benefit to dogs.


Eukanuba offers 11 different product options - both wet and dry - for dogs of all life stages. The brand offers specific formulas for puppies, adult and senior dogs, along with custom formulas for dogs with digestive, joint and skin issues.

A few breeds even have their own special formulas - lucky dogs! Eukanuba's breed-specific formulas are available for boxers, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahua, Dachshund, German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Spaniels and Rottweilers.

Eukanuba has hopped on the all-natural train, too - the brand now sells a Naturally Wild formula made with high-quality meats like New Zealand venison, North Atlantic salmon and turkey. Also available is a Natural Rice formula and the Pure formula for puppies, adult dogs and seniors.


Eukanuba is a premium dog food and is priced similar to other premium foods. In other words, you won't find it for under $10 on the supermarket shelf. Prices at retail stores and online typically range from $15 to about $50, depending on size and formula.


Consumers, for the most part, have a favorable view of Eukanuba brand dog food. Reviews are generally positive with a few negative thrown in. Many dog owners have commented that this food has relieved sloppy poops and given their dog a shiny healthy coat.

Other people report that feeding their dog Eukanuba resulted in skin complaints and weight changes. As with any food, different dogs will respond in different ways. In spite of these reports, don't be afraid to try Eukanuba in your dog's dinner bowl; he is very likely to be one of the many dogs that thrive on this food.


Eukanuba was not immune to the mass pet food recalls of 2007. Proctor & Gamble had to recall most of the brand's foods due to possible melamine contamination. Several Eukanuba dry formulas were again recalled in 2010 after the FDA found salmonella cross-contamination in some of its production facilities.

With a large number of varieties and specific formulations catering to individual breeds, you're sure to find a Eukanuba product that suits your canine family member to a tee.

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