Dog Food Review - Earthborn Holistic

It's not often that a pet food company is so open about their concern for the environment, but Earthborn Holistic isn't exactly a typical pet food company. The company that offers both dog and cat foods even has a pledge to the environment.

"We are committed to doing our part to protect the Earth. Environmental protection is a personal concern for us," is written on the company website.

"Like you, we want to breathe clean air, drink safe water and enjoy the beauty of our forests. Acting responsibly on behalf of the environment is factored into everything we do."

Earthborn Holistic even plants a tree for every customer that sends in UPCs from his food packages. Feed your pups and reforest our beautiful land? Sign us up.


Earthborn Holistic prides itself on using all-natural ingredients in its wet and dry dog food - no fillers here. The top ingredients listed on its variety of dog foods include turkey meal, chicken meal, whitefish meal, potatoes, chicken fat, dried egg product, apples, blueberries, carrots, peas, spinach and garlic. It all sounds delicious.

The only ingredient that raises questions with some dog food purists is tomato pomace. Some love it because of its high nutrient levels, but others worry about pesticide levels in the tomato skins used to make the pomace.


Earthbound Holistic Natural offers three main formulas of dog food: Natural, Natural Grain-Free and Moist Grain-Free. Earthbound Holistic Natural includes Puppy Vantage, Adult Vantage, Ocean Fusion and one specifically for small breeds. Natural Grain-Free comes in Primitive Natural, Coastal Catch, Great Plains Feast and Meadow Feast.

Is it bad that we want to try the Moist Grain-Free varieties ourselves? They sound pretty tempting with names like Chip's Chicken Casserole, Duke's Din Din, Lily's Gourmet Buffet, Pepper's Pot Roast and Toby's Turkey Dinner.


Earthborn Holistic dog foods are available both online and through traditional retailers, though the company typically sells through smaller retailers, rather than the large box stores. The company's website has a store finder, along with a list of online store selling the brand.

The price of Earthborn Holistic is similar to other premium dog food brands, typically ranging from $15 to 45, depending on size and formula.


Both consumers and their four-legged best friends tend to like Earthborn Holistic Foods, judging from online reviews.

The main complaint about the food is that the calorie count seems high for the amount of dog kibble in a serving. This means that your dog won't need to eat much to get their daily calorie allowance, and you may worry that he is unsatisfied. Don't be tempted to feed him any more; it will make him put on weight and increase your dog food expenses.


In a nutshell, there aren't any. Unlike most pet food companies, Earthborn Holistic seems to have a perfect reputation. The company hasn't had to recall its food yet - and many consumers turned to the food after the recent wave of dog food contamination.

If you are looking for a good quality food with a concern for the world we live in, then Earthborn Holistic is the ideal choice.

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