Dog Food Review - Eagle Pack

The origins of Eagle Pack foods go back to 1970 when the company worked with the owners of sled dogs to produce a food suitable for extremely active dogs.

After several changes in ownership, the company was combined with other dog food manufacturers to create WellPet LLC.

They take pride in their manufacturing practices which meet the standards set for human foods and their products are now sold to satisfied dog owners all around the world.


Eagle Pack protein comes from meat and meat meal from chicken, lamb, pork and fish, as well as dried egg and liver. Grains such as rice, corn and oatmeal are the main source of carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables provide fiber and antioxidants.

Some varieties of kibble contain chicken fat which dogs love, and it adds some extra fatty acids to their diet. This will make their skin healthy and their coat shine. There are no artificial preservatives - this food is naturally preserved with Vitamin E and Vitamin C to keep it fresh.

One ingredient that makes Eagle Pack different to many other brands of kibble is glucosamine. This helps to maintain healthy joints and is good for very active dogs.


This brand of food produces formulations for adults, puppies and canine senior citizens. It also features a power adult recipe for adult dogs that have a higher than normal energy requirement. For small dogs, a small bite kibble is available so they don't have to wrestle with pieces of food that are a bit big for them to chew.

Your dog may prefer canned food, and if so, he has the choice of turkey, beef, chicken and lamb flavors.


Eagle Pack food is moderately priced for the quality. At around $20 for a 15lb bag or $50 for 40lbs, it's not the most expensive kibble on the market. The company also offers membership of the Eagle Pack club. If you sign up, you'll be able to access coupons and savings offers that are only available to club members.


Dog owner reviews of Eagle Pack food are variable. Some people don't like the fact that corn is included in the formulations. Other people feel that the food has caused allergic reactions in their dog. To be fair to the company, any food has the potential to cause allergic reactions and corn is not a health problem for most dogs.

This type of review should not put you off trying the food. More positive feedback includes comments about how the food has given their dog a shiny healthy coat and it has helped dogs that have suffered with colitis.


Because Eagle Pack contains no artificial colors or fillers, there may be small changes in the formulations because some of the regular ingredients may not be available. However, this won't affect the nutritional value of the food and your dog isn't likely to notice at all. The only way to see what effect Eagle Pack would have on your dog is to try it out for yourself.

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