Dog Food Review - Darwin's Natural Selection

If you've ever toyed with the idea of feeding your dog raw but been put off by the preparation and mess involved, then you'll be pleased to hear about Darwin's Natural Selections and ZooLogic meals. This company wants to make it as easy as possible for you to feed your much loved canine companion a fresh and natural raw food diet.

They feel that a nutritionally balanced raw food is the best way to keep your dog in good health. The Darwin company claims that their food finds its way from the farm to your dog's food bowl in less than a month. Now that's fresh!

As a service to their clients, Darwin's also offer a menu consultation service. If you let them know your dog's age, breed and exercise levels, they'll give you advice on what to feed him so he gets the benefits of a fresh raw diet while not breaking your budget.


Darwin's foods are meat based with no grains or additives.

Their protein comes from beef, buffalo and poultry. Vegetables are included, and although they vary depending on what's in season at the time, you can expect your dog's meal to include carrots, yams and zucchini. The meat and vegetables used are human quality, and many of the ingredients are organic.


There are two main varieties of Darwin's foods. The Natural Selections range contains the highest quality ingredients with absolutely no chemical pesticides or hormones, while the ZooLogics are designed to be more economical. They are the same formula as Natural Selections but use conventionally produced human grade ingredients. Choose from chicken and vegetable, duck and vegetable, turkey and vegetable, beef and vegetable or bison and vegetable varieties. Or, rotate them to give your dog variety in his dining experience.


With this standard of ingredients, you have to expect to pay more than you would for a bag of kibble. Natural Selections food ranges from $3.45/lb. to $6.96/lb., depending on the type of meat that is in the recipe. The ZooLogic range is considerably cheaper, from $2.75/lb. to $3.60/lb. This can really add up especially if you have a large dog or you share your life with more than one canine companion. Darwin's suggest that if you use their raw food for half of your dog's meals, he will still get the benefits of a fresh natural diet.


Overall, reviews of Darwin's raw foods are overwhelmingly positive. Both veterinary professionals and dog owners alike are impressed with the quality of this food. Dogs often show an improvement in the health of their skin and coat health and increased energy, and they never refuse a meal.


The main downside of Darwin's food is the price. It's not really a downside though, because you do get what you pay for. However, for some people, the cost may still be out of reach of their family budget. You can't purchase Darwin's at the local pet store. It is available by delivery only. This allows the company to make sure their food reaches your dog in the best condition - it won't be languishing on the pet store shelf. You can set up an automatic delivery system on the Darwin's website so you don't have to remember to order it. Based on the standard of ingredients and the freshness of the product when it reaches your dog, Darwin's Natural Selection is one of the best quality dog foods available.

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