Review of Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo dog food was inspired by - you guessed it - a dog!

The creators behind the brand, Bill and Jackie Bishop, were inspired when the health of their large-breed Airedale terrier named Blue took a downturn.

The couple started researching pet health issues and went to animal experts to lay the foundation for Blue Buffalo.


Blue Buffalo's main ingredients are whole foods, including deboned chicken, chicken meal, whole ground brown rice, whole ground barley, oatmeal, rye, whole potatoes, tomato pomace, chicken fat and carrots. The food also contains added vitamins and minerals, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins c, d, e and riboflavin. What this means is your dog is getting a good meal when you pour Blue Buffalo kibble in his bowl.

However, the ingredients might be natural, but pet food purists question the need for tomato pomace in your pup's food. Sure, tomatoes are a natural source of lycopene, but there's concern that pesticides farmers use on crops can seep into the food. The manufacturers of Blue Buffalo include LifeSource Bits in all their foods.

These bits consist of carefully blended vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that help to keep your dog's immune system strong. After all, a healthy immune system means a healthy dog. Blue Buffalo foods are the only source of these LifeSource Bits.


Blue Buffalo offers over a dozen different formulas of their all-natural foods, including specific foods for puppies, adult dogs and our senior friends.

The brand recently introduced Blue Freedom and Blue Basics, a set of grain-free formulas, for each life stage. Blue also offers with the protein-rich Blue Wilderness line with more meat for the most carnivorous of dogs and Blue Longevity, a lean food, for pups who need to watch their waistlines.

As with many other premium pet foods, Blue Buffalo is available in both canned and dry recipes.


Blue Buffalo pricing is similar to that of other premium dog food brands - the foods typically range from $15.99 to $54.99 at mass retailers like Petco in 15 lb. and 30 lb. sizes. Blue Buffalo dog treats are also rather affordable, ranging from about $6.00 to $12.00, depending on size.


Blue Buffalo has not been immune to the pet food problems of the past five years - the food was recalled during the awful series of pet food recalls in 2007, though the reason given was that a manufacturer put rice concentrate in the food without notifying the company.

The rice concentrate was possibly contaminated with melamine. The company also issued a precautionary recall in 2010 after the company's Blue Wilderness Chicken-Dog, Blue Basics Salmon-Dog and Large Breed Adult Dog were found to contain higher-than-normal levels of vitamin D. According to the company, the recall was more of a precautionary measure.

Some dogs can develop an upset tummy characterized by loose stools if they eat Blue Buffalo but almost all dogs enjoy the taste of the wholesome ingredients in this brand of food. Why not see what Blue Buffalo can do for your dog's health and well-being?

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