Dog Food Review - Artemis

Artemis was a Greek goddess and was considered by the ancient Greeks to be the "Mistress of Animals." The pet food company named after her was established in 1998 in North Hollywood, California.

Artemis takes a holistic approach to dog health, and have developed their nutritional formulas to not only prevent disease but to support your dog as he recovers from illness or injury. Dog owners have spoken with their wallets and the rapid growth of Artemis has meant they now work from a facility that is three times as big as their original premises.


If you read the ingredient list on a packet of Artemis kibble, it sounds good enough to eat yourself. Chicken, turkey, salmon and duck are blended with rice and oatmeal. Vitamins and minerals are added along with acidophilus and yeast fermentation products to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. One of the main selling points of Artemis is that their canine menu includes recipes featuring fresh fruits and vegetables. There are no artificial colors or dyes so don't be surprised if your new bag of kibble is a slightly different shade than the previous one. Since 2010, Artemis has stopped using the controversial preservative, ethoxyquin, and instead relies on vitamin E to keep their foods in good condition.


Artemis offers a variety of formulas that caters well to different nutritional needs and life stages. Their three brands are the Fresh Mix Formula, the Professional Formula and the Osopure Formula. Their main product is Fresh Mix and it caters to all ages and life stages from puppies to canine senior citizens. The Osopure brand contains a higher proportion of meat protein and is considered a better quality product than their other two brands.


With such quality ingredients, you can expect to pay a little more for the Artemis range. Bags of Artemis dog food will typically set you back sixty dollars for a thirty pound bag. However, don't let the sticker shock stop you. Most people find that they don't need to feed as much Artemis kibble as they would a cheaper brand so the bag lasts longer than they expect. By feeding your dog a food of this standard, you're helping your dog to stay healthy so you'll save on veterinary costs and your budget will still balance out in the end.


Reviews of Artemis foods are for the most part very positive. Dog owners report shiny healthy coats and high energy levels. However, as with any food there are some individual dogs that don't do as well on Artemis. The main complaint seems to be loose stools and gas. If you're going to switch your dog to an Artemis food, do it gradually over the course of a week to reduce tummy upsets.


There really are no downsides to the Artemis range of foods. Holistic nutrition and top quality ingredients have resulted in an excellent food for your much loved dog. Those high quality ingredients come with a price, and this is the only potential obstacle for many people that might make them hesitate to buy.

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