Recommended Puppy Foods

A Choice Canned Dog Food Brand: Great Life Essentials

Among dog foods for puppies, Great Life stands out as being a premium brand.

Specifically, Great Life Essentials' line-up of wet dog foods provide optimum nutrition
for your growing pup and feature such offerings as baby back ribs, Alaskan wild
salmon, frontier buffalo, chicken parmigiana, Irish lamb stew, peking duck, and beef

An Overview of the Ingredients and Nutrients

For example, Great Life Essentials' beef wellington is made up of such primary ingredients as beef, beef broth, beef liver and blueberries, tomatoes, pumpkin, and yams - all organic. The dog food is supplemented with vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, folic acid, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, biotin, lecithin, and riboflavin. Fiber in the food is estimated at around 6.7 percent. Based on its caloric measure, the suggested puppy food contains around 30 percent protein, a little over 50 percent fat, and about 18 percent carbohydrate content.

Why Great Life Essentials is Considered a Premium Brand for Pups

The first ingredient, beef, is a rich source of protein as well as amino acids - all which assists in maintaining health and supporting growth. The second ingredient, the broth, is added to provide moisture while the beef liver is another good protein source. Organic vegetables and fruits add to the strong nutritional composition as well. Since organic ingredients must be grown and processed under strict governmental mandates, they have had limited exposure to herbicides and insecticides - all which makes Great Life Essentials a premium puppy brand.

Dog Lovers Gold - A Summation of the Ingredients and Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate Content

Among dry dog foods, Dog Lovers Gold is a suggested puppy brand. The kibble contains such primary ingredients as lamb meal, brown rice, chicken meat, chicken fat, and flaxseed. Eggs, chicken liver meal, fish oil, and brewer's yeast are included as well. The dog food is supplemented with vitamin E, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, niacin, and riboflavin. Fiber in the dry dog food is around five percent. Based on its caloric weight, the suggested puppy food contains 25% protein, 37% fat, and 40% carbohydrates.

A Food High in Protein

Lamb meal, which is the main ingredient in Dog Lovers Gold, is considered to be a rich source of protein, containing a significantly larger portion of the nutrient than lamb meat alone. Brown rice is also a beneficial ingredient. Easy to digest when cooked, the grain is a valuable fiber and food. The chicken meal, listed third on the labeling, is yet another rich source of protein.

Ingredients that Support Health and Prevent Illness

The chicken fat in the dog food contains linoleic acid (essential for health), thereby making it a high-quality ingredient as well. Flaxseed supports health and nutrition too and is another good fiber source. In addition, probiotics have been added to the highly-rated kibble. The good bacteria are included to support digestion and prevent infection while chelated minerals in the product assist in the assimilation and absorption of amino acids and vitamins.