Recommended Low Fat Dog Foods for Dogs That Are Overweight

Reducing your Overweight Dog's Consumption of Fat
Finding a low-fat dog food can be a challenging task if your dog suffers from obesity.
That's because meat is essential to a dog's nutrition and many low-fat dog food
products contain a reduced amount of meat.

However, that being said, several dog food brands are available that will meet your
dog's nutritional requirements as well as help him lose weight.

Acana Light and Fit
One of these products is Acana Light and Fit, which is just one of the many nutritional Acana products offered for puppies and adult dogs. As the first five ingredients listed on a dog food are the main substances that make up the product, you generally can decide what's best for your dog by scanning this information first. Acana Light and Fit's first five ingredients include chicken meal, oats, chicken, peas, and brown rice. Salmon, whole eggs, chicken fat and vegetables, such as carrots and turnip greens, are included as well.

A Review of the Primary Ingredients
Chicken meal, which is the main ingredient in Acana Light and Fit, is a superior source of protein as it contains almost 300 percent more of this crucial nutrient as chicken meat alone. The steamed oats in the product are considered to be a good grain for digestion and offer plenty in the way of minerals and B-vitamins too. The chicken further supports the animal's protein needs and the peas and brown rice are good sources of fiber as well as carbohydrates and protein. The dog food is therefore well-recommended as the first five ingredients alone make Acana Light and Fit a preferred brand for dog owners who have dogs that need to lose weight.

Wellness Core Reduced Fat - Another Dry Dog Food for Overweight Dogs
Wellness Core Reduced Fat dry dog food is another recommended dog food for dogs that are obese or require a food that is lower in fat. The dog food is comprised of around 36% protein, 10% fat, and 44% carbohydrates. Primary ingredients include turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, potatoes, and peas. Fiber content is listed at almost 9.5%.

An Overview of the Ingredients
The first ingredient in the product, turkey, is made up of around eighty percent water which, technically, makes the second ingredient, or the turkey meal, the primary ingredient nutritionally. Indeed, the turkey meal supplies a high level of nutrition as it provides much more protein than the turkey meat. In addition, the chicken meal in the product, like the turkey meal, offers the same type of health value too. The potatoes in the dog food are a good source of carbohydrates while the peas are an excellent source of both protein and fiber. So, if you are looking for a high-quality dog food that will aid in both weight loss and nutrition, you'll see good results if you feed your dog this premium weight-reducing brand.

A Dog Food for Larger Breeds
If you have a larger breed of dog that has a weight problem, then you may want to look at AvoDerm's Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice dog food for large breed dogs. This dry dog food contains almost 30% protein, about 10% fat and a little over 50% in carbohydrates. The main ingredients include chicken meal (again. a substantial source of protein), brown rice (a good source of fiber), white rice, oatmeal (a gluten-free fiber source), and salmon meal (a quality protein concentrate).