Dry vs Canned Dog Food - Which is Best

Determining which Food is Best for your Dog
Nutrition plays a major role in your dog's health and happiness. That's why the
selection of a dog food takes careful planning and thought.

In order to meet your dog's health needs then, you have to consider his breed and
age as well as his overall health.

Basically, look for foods that contain meat as the primary or secondary ingredient
and make sure that the food does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives.

Dry Dog Food - A Popular Choice for Dog Owners with Larger-sized Dogs
Whether the dog food is canned or dry, make sure that the ingredients are nutritionally pure and that the product is free of byproducts. Many dog owners like to buy dry food for large breeds as the food comes in larger size packages and better meets the food needs of a larger pet. If you choose a high-quality dog food too, kibble is more economical than the canned variety.

Dry Dog Food - A Popular Choice of Dog Owners with Smaller Pets Too
Obviously smaller dogs do not consume as much as larger dogs and therefore have more options when it comes to a dog food. However, again, many owners still opt for choosing a dry dog food or kibble because it's easier to transport and is more affordable when you consider the per serving cost.

Canned Dog Food Does not Cause Bloat like a Dry Dog Food Can
However, that being said, canned or wet dog food is still a good choice if your dog, say, has a urinary tract infection and needs to drink more water. Because canned food contains more moisture, it can better meet your dog's health requirements and hydration needs if he has this kind of ailment. The high amount of water in canned dog food does not contribute to stomach swelling or bloat either. Therefore, dog food owners sometimes prefer giving this type of dog food to their dog if he has digestive problems or he is an older dog with some issues medically.

Dry Food - More Convenient to Serve and Less Smelly than Canned
Dry food, or kibble, is usually baked, thereby producing nugget-type chunks. Wet food is either canned or packaged in a pouch. Again, the dry dog food is more convenient as it takes little time to serve it to your pet and it's much cleaner and less smelly than a canned dog food brand.

Comparing Canned Food with Dehydrated or Frozen Dog Foods
Still, that being said, the canned variety of dog food or the wet dog food that comes in a pouch is still preferred over dog foods that are dehydrated or frozen, either of which must be stored in the freezer or require that you add water before they are served. However, the dehydrated variety usually contains nothing artificial, thereby offering your pet more in the way of nutrition.

Convenience and Economy
However, when it comes to dog foods overall, people like to give their dog kibble. As long as it includes meat as its main ingredient and is void of fillers, dry dog food is the preferred choice of most people who own a dog.