Dog Nutrition Articles

Dry vs Canned Dog Food - Which is Best
Determining which Food is Best for your DogNutrition plays a major role in your dog's health and happiness. That's why the selection of a dog food takes careful planning and thought. Read More

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs
When it comes to dog nutrition, a raw food diet refers to any type of food fed to a dog that is not considered a kibble or a canned dog food. Read More

Foods That Are Poisonous to Dogs
Some of your favorite foods are not so good for your canine friend, and can make him very sick. If your dog likes to keep you company when you cook, make sure he never gets to sample any of these foods. Read More

Foods Dogs Should Not Eat
It is hard for dog owners to resist giving their dogs table food when those eyes are so sadly peering up at them begging for a piece. However, a lot of times it is necessary to resist the temptation. Read More

Recommended Low-fat Dog Foods for Canines who are Overweight
Finding a low-fat dog food can be a challenging task if your dog suffers from obesity. That's because meat is essential to a dog's nutrition and many low-fat dog food products contain a reduced amount of meat. Read More

Dog Foods - What to Buy for a Diabetic Dog
Finding a low-fat dog food can be a challenging task if your dog suffers from obesity. That's because meat is essential to a dog's nutrition and many low-fat dog food products contain a reduced amount of meat.Read More

Recommended Puppy Foods
Among dog foods for puppies, Great Life stands out as being a premium brand. Specifically, Great Life Essentials' line-up of wet dog foods provide optimum nutrition for your growing pup and feature such offerings as baby back ribs, Alaskan wild salmon, frontier buffalo, chicken parmigiana, Irish lamb stew, peking duck, and beef wellington.Read More

Dog Foods that will Help your Dog Lose Weight
If your lovable canine friend tends to put on weight or is a bit too heavy for his age and size, then, just like humans, he'll need to cut down on his calorie intake. Therefore, you'll need to find a dog food product that will help him lose weight and keep him slim and sleek. Read More

Check the Ingredients in your Dog's Food Because Some Additives May Not Be Safe
Unfortunately, your dog cannot easily express himself when his stomach is upset, he feels lethargic, or he is suffering from a headache or itchy skin. However, you can do a lot to relieve his discomfort by making sure that his doggie treats and dry or wet dog food are high-quality, natural brands.Read More

Making Sure your Dog's Nutritional Needs are Met: A Basic Guide
Dog foods are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of a dog, based on his breed, age, and weight. Basically, dogs, just like humans, will thrive if their diet is healthy and contains nutritional substances (such as protein, vitamins, and minerals) that will keep him fit.Read More

Vitamin Toxicity: Sometimes your Dog can Get too Much of a Good Thing
If you dog's recommended intake of vitamins exceeds what is considered normal, then vitamin toxicity can result. Read More

Pet Nutrition: Does your Dog have a Thiamine Deficiency?
Thiamine deficiency is a common occurrence in dogs as well as cats and can be caused by consuming a diet that is not well-balanced or by ingesting too much raw fish. Read More

Dog Nutrition: Is your Dog Obese?
Pet owners sometimes don't realize that those extra treats that they are offering their pets are not all that good. In turn, over time, health issues can result.Read More

Keep Vet Bills Low by Feeding your Dog Right
In order to keep your dog healthy and meet his nutritional needs, you should focus on what you feed him and the times you feed him too. Read More

Keeping your Pet Healthy and Happy
Just like humans, if dogs don't eat right, they can become sick. Therefore, it's important that your dog's diet is not lacking in vitamins and minerals. Dogs that are fed with cheaper, commercial brands can, after a while, suffer from one or more illnesses.Read More

The Importance of Giving your Dog Plenty of Water
Although you may believe that protein, as that derived from meat, is the most important nutrient in your dog's diet, actually water is the most essential nutrient. That's because even a small amount of dehydration (or a ten percent loss of water) can make a dog very sick. Read More

Food Allergies in Dogs
Food allergy is one of the top three allergies in dogs, the other two being flea allergy and atopy (allergy to dusts and pollens in the environment). Many people feel that their dog couldn't possibly...Read More

Food Allergies Can Affect All Breeds and Ages of Dogs
Nutrition, as it relates to dogs, also includes making sure that your pet is not suffering from any food allergies. In fact, food allergies are one of the main causes, after flea bites, of itching or scratching in dogs.Read More