News and Posts About Dogs

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  • Angel, the Golden Retriever

    One Saturday in January 2010, eleven-year-old Austin Forman from Boston Bar, British Columbia noticed his golden retriever, Angel, was sticking particularly close to his side throughout the day. While he was outside gathering firewood, a cougar charged into his family's backyard.

    Immediately, Angel jumped into action to protect Austin so he could run inside. When Austin was inside, his mother called 911 while the fight raged on outside. A constable in the neighborhood responded immediately and was able to put the cougar down. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, Angel did not make it out of the fight unscathed. She obtained bites and deep scratches. The family brought her to Sardis Animal Hospital. During her recovery, Austin bought her a big steak for her bravery.Dogs like Angel show how amazingly brave they can be when put in the situation. It is sad that she was injured, but she is just one of many incredibly loyal dogs that would do anything for their owners.

  • Run Dozer Run

    In 2011, Dozer, then a three-year-old Goldendoodle (mixed breed between a Golden Retriever and Poodle), somehow was able to slip out of the invisible fence around his yard in Maryland one important Sunday morning. He then joined in with the Maryland Half Marathon runners that were at this time on mile 5 out of 13.

    Dozer would run alongside the runners for the next seven plus miles to the finish line. Many people witnessed him and even took photographs and videos, but no one was aware that he was running by himself. He crossed the finish line at 2:14:24. After the race, Dozer simply found his way back home by himself. His owner Rosanna Dorset was relieved Monday when he made his back home. Dorset took Dozer to the vet when he returned home as a precautionary measure because he was completely fatigued and limping. The vet said that he was going to be all right. Dorset later told reporters that when she adopted him he was the last of the litter. "He was the dog no one wanted... but he's got a great heart."

    When marathon organizers realized that Dozer had run in their marathon alone, he was awarded a finishers medal from the University of Maryland's Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center. A Facebook page was also set in dedication to Dozer, which helped to raise $17,000 for cancer research. A page has been set up for his 2012 sponsorship, and it has raised $7,122 so far out of a goal of $25,000.

  • Lada, the Rottweiler

    Lada is living proof that Rotts get a bad rap. They are very intelligent dogs that are able to be easily trained. Instead of the dogs being feared, it should actually be their owners that are called into question.

    In June 2011 in Saratov, Russia, 22-year-old Olga took her 3-month-old to the park where she was meeting friends. The young mother was drinking with her friends and later went home drunk forgetting her baby and dog at the park.When Olga woke up the next morning, she realized her baby was missing. In a panic she called her parents yelling that her child had been kidnapped. Later when her parents arrived, they began calling all of her friends. Upon learning they had been at the park the day before, Olga's father returned to check it out. There he found the baby still in his carriage, and saw that Lada had stayed by his side all night.

    Neighbors reported that the baby was wet and hungry, but for the most part unharmed. They said it was a warm night so he did not catch cold, and it was a blessing that the dog stayed by his side throughout the night warding off strangers.The baby was removed from Olga's care after this incident and placed in the custody of the grandparents.

  • Max, the Chocolate Labrador

    Stories like Max's prove that dogs are more than just animals. They are incredibly intelligent creatures that do not deserve most of what they are put through. In Max's case, he was able to use that intelligence to save his own life.

    One day in Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, Donna Gardner took Max, whom she considers more than a pet but part of their family, along with her on a particularly hot day to run some errands. When she returned home, Donna went inside the house and started cleaning. She had no idea that she had forgotten Max in the sweltering car.

    About an hour later, Gardner said that she heard a horn blow. She went outside to see who was there, but did not see anyone so she returned inside the house. When she went back to cleaning, she heard a horn blow again, and this time when she went outside, she saw Max sitting in the driver's seat of her car.

    "I rushed over and got him out real fast, and he was panting like crazy," Gardner said. "I brought him in the house, and he just dropped to the floor."

    Thankfully, Gardner is not a negligent pet owner on purpose. She immediately began trying to cool Max off, and called her vet. Nancy Soares from the Macungie Animal Hospital said:

    Number one... Max saved his own life by honking the horn to get himself out of a very, very overheated car. Number two, the Gardners are such good pet owners that they looked at him first. They managed to get his temperature down a little bit before they got here.

    Gardner has no idea what made her forget that Max was inside the car. She does, however, hope that her story serves as a lesson to other pet owners.