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Week of Oct 21 2012

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  • Suzie the Poodle

    Suzie is possibly one of the luckiest dogs to be alive. In mid-September 2012, Suzie was struck by a Toyota Sedan in Massachusetts and was lodged in the grille of the car until the motorist was flagged down in Rhode Island and told that he had a dog in his grille.

    The driver was going about 50 mph according to William Muggle, Animal Control Supervisor that helped to rescue Suzie. The driver slammed on his brakes when she ran out onto the road, and he thought she had run off after he did not see her. Instead, she was caught in the grille of his sedan in Taunton, Mass and traveled for 11 miles to East Providence stuck that way.

    Muggle told the news that X-rays and other medical procedures were performed on Suzie immediately to see what condition she was in. It turned out she did have a concussion and a minor ruptured bladder, which have healed since. Amazingly she did not have any broken bones and is doing very well now.

    On October 3, it was reported that Suzie's owners had come to claim her after seeing her on the news. There have apparently been numerous phone calls trying to claim Suzie, but none of those were her actual owners. After giving proof, such as veterinarian papers that match the number of the microchip inside Suzie, it was deemed these were in fact her real owners. They also live in proximity to where she was hit.

    The owner, who asked to not be named, said Suzie escaped their enclosed fence by digging a hole, which is apparently something she has done in the past six years that they have had her. He said that they were very happy to have her back and, "My daughter loves the dog to death. She was wicked upset when we lost it and wicked happy when we found it."

    He said Suzie "digs like a madman" and they have taken precautions before such as adding cement blocks around the fence; however, now they plan to keep her on a leash. At the East Providence Animal Control, Muggle said that he was happy there was a happy ending in Suzie's case, which is not always what happens at Animal Control.

  • Zeke and Oscar

    This story begins with Zeke and his human, Peter Kruthmeier, on August 2012 in Pittsburgh. One day when Peter was taking Zeke for a walk, he noticed how adamant Zeke was about dragging him over to where a garbage can was turned on its side. When they made their way towards it, Peter noticed a canine nose sticking out of a hole in the bottom of the garbage can.

    The lid of the garbage can was on tight, and the dog inside, who could be heard wagging his tail as it was making a thumping sound, had chewed through the bottom. When Peter removed the dog from the can, he was disgusted by what he saw. The dog was covered in fleas, had matted hair with gum stuck to it, and plenty of wounds.

    Peter called animal control, who came and took the animal to the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center. On arrival, the workers there noticed that one of his wounds was a deep gash around his neck. They believed the dog was made to wear a collar or outgrew a collar he was wearing. They determined that on the amount of damage that had been done, the dog had been in that situation for at least two weeks.

    Peter said that all the credit for rescuing this poor dog had to go to Zeke. He swore that if it were not for him, the little terrier-poodle mix would have most likely died in that garbage can. After the workers at the shelter shaved the dog and cleaned him, he seemed perfectly happy. One day later they recorded him bouncing around and playing.

    One month after the dog now known as Oscar was found, he was adopted. The shelter had so many enquiries about taking him home that they held a lottery. The Long family of West Deer was able to bring Oscar home after undergoing a trial run. Wendy Long said Oscar is fitting right in with her husband - David, their two kids - Ryleigh, 10 and Noah, 8, and her.

    Oscar now spends his time playing with the family as well as guarding the backyard from invading rabbits, squirrels, and wild turkeys. Wendy said, "He still has that puppy energy, which is good because we still have a lot of energy."

  • A Dog Could Not Ask for Better Humans

    Koda is a pit bull mix born with serious health defects. His human's Melanie Cannon and Eddie Hanna adopted him in 2011 from the Halifax Humane Society. When the newly engaged couple took their new puppy for a vet checkup, they were told he suffered from a serious case of liver shunt and would need to be medicated for the rest of his life.

    This is when this couple did something truly amazing that not every dog owner would have done. Instead of using their savings for their upcoming nuptials that had already had to be postponed causing them to lose a large chunk of their money when Melanie's grandmother passed, they used that money to pay for Koda's vet bills and medications.

    The couple actually ended up paying much more for Koda than they expected to because the dog's pet insurance would not pay for his treatments. However, the couple says that it was worth it to make sure he was healthy and now a part of their family.That is not where the story ends.

    The Halifax Humane Society and some other vendors were so touched by what this couple did for Koda. They brought together volunteers to help the couple finally have their wedding day. Miguel Abi-hassan, the Halifax Humane Society's executive director, said, "It really hit home with our entire staff. We felt we needed to be able to do something to turn that around."

    Businesses around the community donated their goods and services to ensure that Melanie and Eddie would be able to tie the knot. One such donator, Lynne Monroe, said that they spend as much money on their own dogs as they do their daughters, " could we not want a hand in this occasion?"

    As for the couple, Eddie said that they were only doing what any other good dog owner would have done. Melanie was overwhelmed with what was done for them, "It's amazing that you go through life and have these experiences and obstacles, and people reward you for doing the right thing."

  • Amanda, the Chilean Hero

    Amanda is a German Shepherd mix from Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile. In August of this year, a house fire broke out where Amanda, a stray, and her puppies were staying. Firefighters arrived on the scene, but Amanda was the one responsible for saving her 10 day old puppies.

    One by one, Amanda carried her puppies from the burning building and amazingly placed them inside the storage bin of a fire engine. After she had made sure her puppies were safe, she curled up around them inside the storage bin to further protect them.

    The firemen were so amazed by what Amanda accomplished. They took her and five her puppies to the vet. There, all but one of the puppies, who had severe burns, survived. On the last update, Amanda and her pups were awaiting to be adopted.