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Week of Nov 10 2012

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  • Bailee Boo

    Bailee Boo is a mixed dog that is part golden retriever, black lab, and German shepherd. When she was five months old, she was run over by an SUV. The vet told her owner-to-be, Joanne Cottam, that he had never "seen a dog with such a will to live."She had a dislocated hip, broken ribs, bruised uterus, and internal bleeding. She had to be kept on oxygen for three days and managed to survive it all.

    Her owners say that she is an incredibly loyal dog, and she has a wonderful personality. Her owner told about a trip they took with Bailey Boo to the store. They left her in the car with it running, and when they returned, Joanne heard a sucking sound in the back of their car. She turned around and said "Bailey," and the next thing that happened Bailee popped her head up with a sucker hanging out of her mouth. She had gotten one of Joanne's kids' strawberry suckers that was left in the car.

    This is only one part of this sweet dog's personality. She is well known for lying upside down and smiling. She also likes to do tricks such as shake paws, give high-fives, and she will also sneeze on command.

  • Capitan, the Incredibly Loyal Dog

    There have been stories that turn up every now and again about dogs that will wait for their owners even after they have passed. Capitan, a German Shepherd from Argentina, shares a similar story. In 2006 Capitan's owner, Miguel Guzman, passed away and when the family returned home from the funeral Capitan, who had been purchased as gift for Guzman's 13-year-old son - Damian the year before, had vanished.

    His widow Veronica said that they searched all over for him, but reluctantly thought he must have been run over. So it is only natural to guess at the surprise Guzman's family received when they visited his grave the next week. There they found Capitan seated clearly on his late owner's grave. What is even more amazing is that Veronica said he had never been brought to this location before.

    Veronica told the Argentina newspaper Cordoba, "Capitan came up to us barking and wailing, as if he were crying. We went back the next Sunday, and he was there again." She said after this visit Capitan followed them home, but he returned to the grave site before it became dark.

    The director of the cemetery, Hector Baccega, said that Capitan turned up at the cemetery by himself one day. He spent most of the day wandering around, but eventually he came across his Guzman's tomb. Now, Capitan has a schedule he seems to stick by. Baccega said, "During the day, he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery but always rushes back to the grave. And every day at six o'clock sharp, he lies down on top of the grave and stays there all night."

    The cemetery now cares for Capitan. They make sure to feed him every day. Damian said that he believes Capitan will remain there until he dies and will continue to look after his dad. He said that the family has tried on several occasions to get Capitan to come home. Sometimes he will come home on his own, but will always return before dark. He continues to guard over his beloved owner's grave to this day.

  • Jasmine the Handi-Dog

    Linda Neff was suffering from severe symptoms of joint pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, fever, and organ function caused by sarcoidosis. At 68-years-old, Linda said that she had really lost her will to live, "I was having so much pain, and life was an incredible struggle. I was tired of trying."

    Instead of giving up fully, however, Linda discovered Handi-Dogs. By enrolling in this non-profit organization, she was able to train with her dog, Jasmine a five-year-old Rottweiler, to teach her to become a service dog.

    Not only was Jazz, as Linda calls her, able to learn numerous skills that would help Linda, the two found a bond that seemed to rejuvenate Linda. "The bond she and I have now is amazing. I have a joy for life again," she said. "I have a zest for life. I look forward every day to what Jazzy and I are going to do."

    Jasmine is always at Linda's side. It does not matter if she is attending church or even the movies, Jasmine is there. If she drops something, Jasmine will retrieve it, and if Linda is having difficulties standing, Jasmine will brace her body to allow Linda to pull herself up. She can even open doors and turn lights off and on.

    Best of all, Jasmine is a source of comfort and companionship for Linda. She said, "As I am getting older, it's nice having her by my side when I'm out or at home."

  • Lacy - Transformation from Bait Dog to Canine Model

    Lacy is a beautiful Pitbull Terrier, but it is hard to tell by looking at her now what she has been through. In February 2012 she was found under a pile of lumber in a farmer's barn. When she was rescued, she weighed a mere 27 pounds, and she was also covered in scars, had a fractured skull, an ulcerated eye, and her head was swollen with an infection.

    It is unknown how she came to the barn, but rescuers believe she was being used as a bait dog by dog fighters. This means she was used as practice for bigger and stronger dogs, and her teeth had been filed down so she could not defend herself. When she was discovered, she was on the brink of death, and now she is absolutely stunning.

    Through it all Lacy, who is four-years-old, retained a loving personality. She has been described as "gentle and friendly." Since her rescue, Lacy has gone through several surgeries to remove bullet fragments and one full bullet that was lodged in her head. It is amazing how she has still come out so loving towards humans.

    Lacy is being helped by Adore-A-Bull Rescue to get adopted, and she was chosen by Carolyn Evans for her "Extreme Doggie Makeover" to get the opportunity to be a canine model. Evans took many pictures of the now recovered Lacy to help with her adoption process. She was even allowed to bring friends for part of the shoot. Now, Lacy and the rest of the dogs at Adore-A-Bull are just waiting for someone to come love them.