How to Keep Your Dog Fit

Dogs are a lot like humans, and that is very true when it comes to their physical
fitness. All dogs need some sort of exercise to keep in shape - especially the
breeds that like to overeat.

It is essential to having a happy dog. Although some breeds do not require quite as
much activity to say fit, but they probably still need a daily activity such as walking
to stay in shape. Other dogs require a lot of exercise to stay in shape as they are
very active breeds. If these types of dogs do not get enough exercise it can lead to

The most important thing to note about the dog's physical fitness is their breed. The best place to find information is from breeders. These people usually know everything there is to know about the type of dogs they breed. This will let the owner know if their dog needs minimal or maximum exercise daily. Veterinarians are also a good place to go about general information. They will typically know a lot, but breeders are usually fluent.

Exercise is an important part in keeping a dog healthy, but so is maintaining regular vet checkups. Most dogs need to visit a vet every six months to make sure they have not developed any kind of sickness the owner is unaware of such as heartworms.

In addition to these things, dogs need attention. This may not seem like it should keep the dog healthy but it does. Dogs are very affectionate and loving especially to their owners. Playing a few games daily with the dog is enough to keep him happy which affects his overall health.

Most importantly what a dog eats can affect his health. There are some things a dog owner must know about what their dog can and cannot eat as well as how much their dog can eat. Some dogs have a huge problem with overeating, and these breeds may seem like they are hungry all the time. However, it can quickly lead to them being overweight.

Knowing everything there is to know about a breed of dog is the best way to make sure he is kept healthy. Dog owners are responsible for the well-being of their dog. If a 30-minute walk a day is too much, or if the owner is too busy to show him affection, they might want to reconsider owning a dog.