How to Feed a Pregnant Dog

Like humans, dogs always need special care in different periods of their lives.

One of those periods is during pregnancy. It is very important to feed your dog with
special care when pregnant, since nutrition is one of the major factors determining
whether or not the offspring will be healthy.

There are several major requirements during this period that need to be followed.

First and foremost, the dog should not be overfed, since this might cause difficulties with blood circulation, which is extremely important for the health of both the mom and the puppies.

You also need to give the mother-to-be a lot of liquids, as well as longer, but easier walks.

You should also be aware that when pregnant, a dog's appetite will be greater than usual. This is normal, but you should keep in mind that the food you give to your dog should be of the highest quality possible.

It is highly recommendable to be prepared food, since such food already contains all the needed vitamins and minerals. Portion control will also be important - determine your dog's daily portion in accordance with its breed and its size/weight...this information can normally be found on the dog food label. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian. Approximately during the third week into the pregnancy, you should add a second course in the mother's schedule, but do not change the amount, just divide it equally. During the seventh week, your dog's appetite will grow even more, and a third meal should be added.

The meals should be as follows - morning (dairy products), noon and evening (meat products).

In the eighth week, a fourth meal is recommendable, but should be assembled from the previous three.

During the last few days of pregnancy, meat products should be stopped while increasing the intake of dairy products.

Here's a tip - adding a spoonful of honey to your dog's milk is a good idea, as it will provide energy (and also tastes good). On the day just before the birth is expected, the dog will stop eating...but don't worry, this is normal... at this stage you should be getting ready for the puppies!