Foods Which You Should NOT Give to Your Dog

It's not uncommon for dog owners to share their food with their pets.

But is it always a good idea? No, it's not. Just because your dog likes what you are
giving it to eat, it doesn't mean that it is good for it.

This isn't just true for some obvious choices (say - liquor) but it's also true for certain
fruits and vegetables. What are some foods and drinks that you should never give
your dog?

-- Alcohol/liquor - may cause poisoning, unconsciousness and even death.

-- Baby food - some of these foods contain onion powder, which can be really harmful to dogs, can cause poisoning and various digestive problems

-- Bones from fish, chicken and other small animals - can cause obstructions or lacerations in the digestive tract. If you simply must give these types of bones to your dogs, make sure that they have been properly and thoroughly boiled

-- Cat food - although some dogs seem to love cat food, and even though it is not that harmful, cat food is usually rich in fats and proteins and if eaten in large quantities, these substances can cause problems for your dog

-- Chocolate, coffee and other caffeine products - some of the ingredients contained in these items may cause heart failure and negatively affect the dog's nervous system

-- Citrus fruits - may cause vomiting

-- Grapes and raisons - may cause kidney problems, including kidney failure

Other foods that you should not let your dog have include:

-- Vitamins for people

-- Iron supplements

-- Milk and dairy products

-- Mushrooms

-- Garlic

-- Onions

-- Raw eggs

-- Salty and sugary foods

-- Tobacco

-- Dough yeast

-- Artificial sweeteners

Now while these foods and food items are not recommended for dogs, it doesn't mean that a little bit of any of these items will necessarily be harmful to the dog. And in some cases, it may be impossible to avoid giving these to your dog (they may slip through your screen as an overlooked ingredient in something else). Remember, when in doubt, check with your vet.