Cleaning a Dog's Ears

A dog requires constant and special care.

This should be clear to anyone considering getting a dog but doesn't have the time
to properly take care for it. Of particular importance is cleaning a dog's ears.

The dog ears have a special shape which makes it extremely important, yet difficult,
to keep them clean.

Various bacteria, as well as viruses and other invisible microbes, can make their home in your dog's ear canal, which can sometimes result in serious medical problems. That is why you should clean your dog's ears at least once per week.

While cleaning the ears, you should be extremely careful, since the canals are very tender and can be easily damaged. The best option is to let your vet do the cleaning, but in the event you simply can't afford to have it done on a regular basis by a professional, here are some tips on how to do it on your own.

-- First, carefully bend the ear inside out, so you can easily access the ear canal.

-- Carefully spray cleaning medication into the ear (all cleaning materials should be prescribed by your vet).

-- Then carefully rub the base of the ear for about 20 seconds. This will allow the liquid to enter deeply into the ear and guarantee a fuller cleaning.

-- Let your dog shake its fur, this will cause the cleaning medicament to spread in the ears, while allowing the excess medicament to naturally fall out.

-- Use powder to dry the ears and keep the ear flap open so that the internal ear will dry completely. Dogs rely a lot on their hearing; it is one of their most developed and important senses. So don't forget to clean their ears if you want a happy and playful pet!